881 Xiao, Your Granny’s *ss

    Chapter 881: Xiao, Your Granny’s *ss


    Lin Yan grabbed both of them and turned around to leave.

    Zhang San’s ability to evolve was terrifying. She would never be a match for him, let alone for Li Si.

    Although the two of them were strange, their strength was formidable. They couldn’t fight them head-on.

    “He he! I see that you’re running pretty fast, but can you run away?”

    Behind them, Zhang San sneered coldly. He stood where he was and didn’t give chase.

    A second later, He Lefeng, who was beside Lin Yan, suddenly shook her off.


    Instinctively, Lin Yan halted and glanced at He Lefeng.

    Before Lin Yan could finish her words, He Lefeng seemed to go mad and grabbed her by the neck.

    “F*ck! Your brother is crazy!” Pei Yutang was shocked.

    Lin Yan frowned and kicked He Lefeng a few seconds later.

    “He isn’t crazy,” replied Lin Yan.

    “You’re right, he isn’t crazy… That’s an evolved ability!” Pei Yutang was enlightened.

    “Yeah.” Lin Yan nodded.

    “Controling or disrupting other people’s train of thought and behavior… is an ability that only an evolved being can possess!” Pei Yutang quipped.

    “You know too?” asked Lin Yan.

    “Of course! Didn’t I tell you that I’m a theoretical expert?” Pei Yutang nodded.

    “Sister Yan, is your brother dead?” Pei Yutang glanced at He Lefeng, who was lying motionless on the floor.

    “He’s fine. He got knocked out.”

    A man’s voice was heard.

    A second later, a man strolled in from around the corner. His face was pale, and he looked weak.

    Lin Yan was startled to see Xiao Yao.

    Earlier on, Xiao Yao had gotten into an accident upstairs. Although he had recuperated, he was still feeling weak. Hence, Lin Yan hadn’t sought help from him when the men had arrived.

    “Who are you? Report your name! Don’t be a busybody!” Zhang San yelled.

    “Xiao Yao,” the man replied softly.

    “Xiao Yao?”

    Li Si burst into laughter. “Xiao, your grandmother’s *ss!”

    “Ha ha! That’s right! Xiao, your grandmother’s balls! How dare you lie to us? Do you think we are dumb? We have been tricked once before, so do you think we will be tricked a second time? Little b*stard, this trick won’t work on us again!” Zhang San sneered coldly.

    Xiao Yao didn’t say a word as he strode toward them.


    Zhang San’s eyebrows shot up as he stared at the man in surprise.

    “Your level isn’t high enough. Your ability is useless against me,” Xiao Yao replied calmly.

    “What did you say…”

    Before Zhang San and Li Si could respond, Xiao Yao lifted them both up.

    In no time, Xiao Yao walked to the window and threw them down without any hesitation.


    Pei Yutang was startled by the sight.

    “Sister Yan… You… You killed them?” He Lefeng glanced at Lin Yan.

    “Me?” Lin Yan was taken aback.

    “No, no, that… Your boss killed them!” exclaimed He Lefeng.

    “They are different from you.” Xiao Yao pressed the button and entered the elevator alone. “They won’t die.”

    After Xiao Yao left, Lin Yan and Pei Yutang walked to the window and peered down.

    Indeed, there was no bloody scene. Zhang San and Li Si had vanished.

    “They didn’t even die after such a fall? Even an evolved being wouldn’t be that ridiculous, right!?” Pei Yutang exclaimed in disbelief.
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