882 A Logical Genius

    Chapter 882: A Logical Genius

    Even Lin Yan was puzzled.

    She had never known about the evolution ability of an evolved being. She hadn’t even known that she was an evolved being.

    Lin Yan could understand why evolved beings possessed unimaginable abilities.

    However, she had not imagined that they would vanish into thin air.

    “Aren’t you a theoretical expert?”

    Lin Yan’s eyes landed on Pei Yutang.

    “Don’t… Don’t worry. Let me think about it. I was so nervous that I forgot about it,” said Pei Yutang hastily.

    Lin Yan was speechless… What kind of expert was this?

    “I’ve researched this before. I once entered my grandfather’s room, and there were many books there. They were used to record the knowledge of evolved beings who had surpassed the limits of humanity… They mentioned that space… quantum, matter, magnetic fields, and so on could be controlled by evolved beings. However, only a powerful evolved being can do that… Unfortunately, I don’t understand certain professional knowledge. I’ve never heard of invulnerability.” Pei Yutang frowned.

    Lin Yan was taken aback. “What does this have to do with being invulnerable?”

    “Sister Yan, of course it has something to do with it! It has everything to do with it!” Pei Yutang replied solemnly.

    “Please elaborate,” replied Lin Yan.

    “That’s easy to understand. If one is fine after falling from such a height, wouldn’t that mean one is invulnerable?” Pei Yutang replied matter-of-factly.

    Lin Yan replied, “You… are a logical genius.”

    Pei Yutang grinned. “It’s alright!”

    “Based on your logic, if I didn’t drown if I fell into a river, would I be immune to water?” asked Lin Yan.

    Pei Yutang nodded. “That’s understandable!”

    Lin Yan was speechless…

    She couldn’t be bothered to pay attention to Pei Yutang. She glanced outside the window and saw that Zhang San and Li Si had indeed vanished.

    “If space can be controlled by an evolved being, then… what about time? If I could control time, wouldn’t I be able to travel between the past and the future?” Pei Yutang muttered to himself.

    “Theoretically, yes, but no.” Lin Yan shook her head.

    “Why?” Pei Yutang glanced at Lin Yan in confusion.

    “Aren’t you an expert? Why would you ask me?” Lin Yan glanced at Pei Yutang.

    “I merely studied the abilities of evolved beings, but I didn’t study time. I should be considered a genius… I’m just a bad student!” Pei Yutang sighed heavily.

    “You want to know?” Lin Yan grinned.

    “Yeah!” Pei Yutang nodded vigorously.

    “Increase the investment and I will tell you,” replied Lin Yan.

    Pei Yutang was startled when he heard her. “Daddy, are you thinking about money at the moment?”

    “Forget it,” replied Lin Yan.

    “No, no, no! This question has been bothering me for a long time. I really want to know,” Pei Yutang replied hastily.

    “Increase your investment,” replied Lin Yan.

    Pei Yutang was speechless…

    Upon seeing that Lin Yan was about to leave, he chased after her. “Alright, alright! I will invest more! Daddy, you have the final say. Given your means and capability, I definitely won’t make you lose out!”

    “Alright, let me tell you.” Lin Yan grinned. “How should we define time? Per second? Per minute? Per day?”
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