884 I’m Coming To Pick You Up From work

    Chapter 884: I’m Coming To Pick You Up From work

    “I don’t think so…” replied He Lefeng. “Sister, I think we should suspend our operations for a few days. Otherwise, I’m afraid that those two lunatics will come again,” he added.

    “There’s no need for that. I don’t think they would dare to enter this place again.” Lin Yan grinned.

    With Boss Xiao Yao there, those two old geezers wouldn’t dare… Even though they were foolish, they should have a survival instinct. No matter how foolish they were, they wouldn’t commit suicide.

    Lin Yan and Pei Yutang had just left the office when Pei Yucheng sent her a text.

    “I’ll be waiting for you downstairs.”

    Lin Yan was startled when she read the message. Her eyes darted to Pei Yutang.

    “Why are you looking at me like that?” Pei Yutang asked.

    “Did you tell your brother?” Lin Yan frowned.

    “What?” Pei Yutang was confused.

    “Take a look.” Lin Yan passed the phone to him.

    Pei Yutang was flabbergasted when he read the text. “I didn’t say anything. I swear I didn’t. How would I have the time?”

    “It might be a coincidence.” Lin Yan nodded.

    Indeed, Pei Yutang had had no time to contact Pei Yucheng. Besides, there was no need for him to inform Pei Yucheng about what had happened. It wouldn’t do him any good.

    After leaving the building, they saw Pei Yucheng, who was dressed casually, standing beside the car. He looked a little weak.

    “Brother, what are you doing here?” Pei Yutang hurried over when he saw Pei Yucheng.

    “Can’t I come here?” Pei Yucheng glanced at Pei Yutang.

    “On, I didn’t mean that, of course.” Pei Yutang shook his head.

    “Mr. Pei.” Lin Yan greeted him softly.

    Although she was angry and unable to control her emotions, Lin Yan still addressed him as Mr. Pei. However, due to her suspicions, she sounded rather aloof.

    “I’m here to pick you up from work. Have you gotten used to working here?” Pei Yucheng’s tone was gentle as usual, but there was a thoughtful look in his eyes.

    “Yeah, I’m used to it. Our team has almost been formed.” Lin Yan frowned, looking worried. “You’re still sick. You didn’t have to come and fetch me…”

    “I feel much better. Get in.” Pei Yucheng opened the passenger door.

    “Thank you, Big Brother!” Pei Yutang scrambled toward the seat.

    However, before he could get into the car, Pei Yucheng grabbed his arm. “Drive your own car.”

    Pei Yutang was speechless…

    Lin Yan got in and sat down after Pei Yutang left.

    Before leaving, Pei Yucheng suddenly raised his head and peered at the building.

    Two pairs of eyes clashed like two meteorites that had deviated from their orbit.

    In the office of the skyscraper, Xiao Yao stood by the window and gazed intently at Pei Yucheng. The corners of his lips curled up slightly.

    An inexplicable sneer appeared on Pei Yucheng’s face. The two of them retracted their gazes at the same time. Pei Yucheng got into his car and drove away.



    At the top of the building, Li Si nudged the sleepy Zhang San.

    “What are you doing?! I just got married, and you’re already waking me up?! Are you jealous of me?! Are you doing this on purpose?!” Zhang San was furious.

    “Got married?” Li Si looked at Zhang San. “Dream on!”

    “Yes, I was dreaming. I had a wife in my dream. What about it?” Zhang San said.

    “Sigh… Didn’t you ask me to monitor that young girl and tell you when she left the building? She came out and got into a pretty boy’s car. Xiao Yao didn’t appear!” Li Si said hurriedly.

    As soon as he finished speaking, Zhang San was slightly stunned. Then, he said, “Where is it? Show it to me!”

    Li Si nodded. “Look, it’s that car. The one that just left… That pretty boy looks quite weak. One look and you can tell he wouldn’t withstand a blow. This is a good opportunity!”

    “He he… She got in the car, right? Let’s make them have a car accident. What a perfect ending it would be.” Zhang San chuckled.
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