887 Female Friend?

    Chapter 887: Female Friend?

    The next day, in a private room in a cafe…

    “Sister Yan, why did you ask me to meet you out today? Is Brother Yu alright?” asked Ling Yue.

    Lin Yan propped her chin on her hand as she stirred her coffee with a spoon. “His fever has gone down, and he has stopped working temporarily.”

    Ling Yue smiled and blinked. “I heard from Xing Chen that you are very strict. Even Cheng Mo wouldn’t dare disturb Brother Yu without your permission.”

    Ling Yue sensed that Lin Yan was distracted. “Sister Yan, is something bothering you?”

    Lin Yan snapped out of her daze. She didn’t like feeling conflicted, so she replied, “Ling Yue, I have something to ask you.”

    “What is it? Sister Yan, you can ask me. I will tell you everything I know.” Ling Yue immediately promised her.

    Lin Yan chose her words carefully. “Ling Yue, let me ask you a question. Does Pei Yucheng have a close friend or confidant?”

    Ling Yue was stunned when she heard this. She only reacted after a long time. “Close… friend? Confidant?”

    Lin Yan nodded. “Is there such a person?”

    Ling Yue didn’t understand why Lin Yan had asked this question. What puzzled her even more was that the answer to this question didn’t exist.

    Ling Yue replied honestly, “Sister Yan, why did you suddenly ask this?”

    Lin Yan asked casually, “What’s wrong with this question?”

    “Nothing. It’s just impossible. Brother Yu stays away from women and never has any close relationships with them. How could he have such a close confidant?” Ling Yue replied confidently.

    Lin Yan frowned. “Really? Think about it carefully. This woman must have a special relationship with Pei Yucheng. Not only must she be able to come freely to Cloud Manor, but she must also know the passcodes to Pei Yucheng’s personal equipment. She must even know where the items in his study are. I can confirm that this woman is interested in Pei Yucheng… Is there anyone around him who meets these criteria?”

    Ling Yue noticed that Lin Yan didn’t sound like she was asking casually, so she pondered it for a moment before she answered, “Sister Yan, according to what you said, only one person could do this.”

    “Really?” Lin Yan straightened her back.

    Ling Yue nodded. “Yes, but it’s not a woman… It’s a man.”

    “Huh? A man?” Lin Yan was startled. “Who… Who?”

    She had assumed that Pei Yucheng had a crush on a woman. However, she hadn’t expected that a man could be involved.

    Ling Yue said, “Cheng Mo.”

    Lin Yan was speechless…

    Ling Yue shrugged. “No matter how I think about it, only Brother Yu’s top assistant would be able to do this. To be honest, even Cheng Mo wouldn’t know the password to Brother Yu’s personal equipment or the location of his items.

    “Brother Yu doesn’t even have a servant. The butler arranges for someone to clean and deliver daily necessities. Even Pei Nanxu and Pei Yutang wouldn’t dare disturb him.

    “Sister Yan, you should be able to tell that Brother Yu is very guarded around people. He is also very territorial, even when it comes to his family.”
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