888 Displaying Affection

    Chapter 888: Displaying Affection

    Lin Yan blinked in confusion. “Huh? Really? I really didn’t notice anything… I went in and out of his study as I pleased. I didn’t even avoid the company’s confidential documents…”

    Ling Yue choked for a moment before she mumbled, “Sister Yan, don’t display your affection so publicly.”

    Lin Yan was speechless… She wasn’t! She was serious!

    Lin Yan thought about it and agreed with her. She had rarely seen any servants at Cloud Manor, and the butler had always been mysterious.

    Most of the time, Pei Yucheng would do his own chores.

    Initially, she had thought that it was hard to get close to Pei Yucheng. However, she had gradually realized that he was actually a gentle person.

    Ling Yue stole a furtive glance at Lin Yan. “Sister Yan, did you hear someone gossip about Brother Yu? Or did you read some gossip online? Those are all lies. Don’t believe any of that. Brother Yu doesn’t have any other women around him. He has only dated you. I can testify to that!”

    Lin Yan gazed intently at Ling Yue. “What if I told you that I saw everything with my own eyes?”

    Ling Yue was shocked. “What? You saw everything with your own eyes?”

    Lin Yan nodded. “Besides, that woman can imitate Pei Yucheng’s handwriting perfectly. She knows a lot about Pei Yucheng’s company.”

    That day, Pei Yucheng’s urgent documents had been handled by the consciousness that had possessed her body. She had watched the entire process with her own eyes. She had even witnessed the consciousness control her body and sign the documents. There was no doubt about it.

    Hence, she suspected that this woman was working for Pei Yucheng’s company.

    Ling Yue scratched her head. “But Sister Yan, that’s impossible. There are indeed a few female executives at the company, but none of them is close to Brother Yu, let alone intimate with him! As for the one in Country M… Although their families are close…”

    Lin Yan detected something strange in her words. “Who is that?”

    “No… No one…” Ling Yue hurriedly waved her hands in panic.

    Lin Yan pondered it for a moment before she asked, “Is it Miss Rong?”

    Ling Yue replied in disdain, “The two families are related by marriage, but Brother Yu doesn’t like her at all. That woman can’t even compare to you, Sister Yan. Brother Yu is merely taking into account the power behind her. There’s no question about them being intimate.”

    Lin Yan, who had been suppressing her anger, started to get restless again. She said unhappily, “Anyway, this woman definitely exists. I just don’t know who she is. I suspect that she is Pei Yucheng’s true love…”

    Pei Yucheng had fallen in love with her because of that consciousness.

    Strictly speaking, Pei Yucheng liked that consciousness, not her!

    “What? Sister Yan, don’t let your imagination run wild! Brother Yu is devoted to you. He would never fall in love with another woman!” Ling Yue was scared out of her wits.

    Sister Yan sounded very certain, and she was very detailed about the nitty gritty, so it had to be true.

    However, it was strange. Why hadn’t she heard anything at all?

    It didn’t make sense that she wouldn’t know that Brother Yu had such a person beside him!

    However, she didn’t know everything about Brother Yu, so Ling Yue wasn’t sure either…
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