889 She’s Suspecting That You Cheated

    Chapter 889: She’s Suspecting That You Cheated

    Was there really such a woman?

    She had witnessed Brother Yu’s feelings for Sister Yan with her own eyes. Hence, she refused to believe that Brother Yu would cheat on her!

    This was a big deal! Furthermore, the culprit was Brother Yu!

    If the two of them broke up because of this, there would be big trouble!

    No, she had to think of a solution quickly.

    Although she was working for Lin Yan, she was still on Xing Chen’s side.

    She hoped that Brother Yu and Sister Yan would fall in love!

    I can only let Sister Yan down this time…

    “Ahem… Sister Yan, I need to use the washroom.”



    While Lin Yan had been chatting with Ling Yue, Xing Chen and Qin Huan had been summoned to Cloud Manor. Pei Nanxu and Pei Yutang had also been summoned.

    The four of them were standing in the living room, staring at Pei Yucheng. They didn’t dare to even breathe loudly.

    Pei Yutang rubbed his nose and promised, “Big Brother, Big Sister-In-Law really didn’t tell me anything…”

    Qin Huan agreed. “She didn’t seek me out either.”

    Xing Chen replied, “She didn’t seek me out either.”

    Pei Nanxu replied, “I didn’t hear her mention anything special.”

    Pei Yutang said, “We met yesterday. Big Sister-In-Law really didn’t mention anything. She was acting normally. Nothing happened.”

    Pei Yucheng propped his head on his hand as his eyes flickered with confusion behind his spectacles. He sounded impatient as he asked, “Then why is she angry?”

    The four of them looked at each other.

    Pei Yutang mumbled, “Is sister-in-law angry? Why…”

    As the four of them were racking their brains, Xing Chen’s phone rang. “Brother Yu, I need to answer this call.”

    Normally, he wouldn’t dare answer a call at such a time. However, the call was from Ling Yue, so he was worried that something urgent had happened.

    Pei Yucheng waved his hand dismissively.

    Xing Chen walked to the side to answer the call.

    On the other end of the line, Ling Yue seemed to be saying something. They kept talking for a long time. Xing Chen looked fine at first, but as he listened on, his face turned darker and darker and then turned pale.

    After about five minutes, Xing Chen hung up the phone and walked back with an unnatural expression.

    Pei Yucheng seemed to notice Xing Chen’s strange expression as he glanced at him.

    Xing Chen broke out in a cold sweat, as though he didn’t dare meet Pei Yucheng’s eyes. After some hesitation, he finally spoke. “Brother Yu, Ling Yue called me just now… She told me…”

    The other three eyed Xing Chen suspiciously as well. They observed Xing Chen’s expression and realized that Ling Yue had probably mentioned Lin Yan.

    Pei Yutang said unhappily, “Is this about Sister Yan? So Sister Yan went to look for Ling Yue… No wonder she didn’t come look for me! Sister Yan is too much! Am I her biological son or not? Why didn’t she look for me first?”

    “What exactly happened?” Qin Huan asked.

    Pei Nanxu glanced at him suspiciously. “Is Big Sister-In-Law in trouble?”

    Xing Chen shook his head, looking conflicted. He then nodded and shook his head again. Under everyone’s anxious gazes, he glanced at Pei Yucheng and stammered, “Brother Yu, Ling Yue told me that Miss Lin… She suspects that you’ve cheated on her…”

    Xing Chen: “…”

    Qin Huan: “…”

    Pei Yutang: “…”

    Pei Nanxu: “…”

    Pei Yucheng: “…”
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