891 Bad Feeling

    Chapter 891: Bad Feeling

    For some reason, Lin Yan had been feeling uneasy and distracted ever since this morning.

    Such situations rarely occurred, but they left a deep impression on Lin Yan.

    The first time such a thing had happened, she and her younger brother had been captured and taken to a mysterious laboratory. They had experienced the cruelty of life and death there.

    The second time such a thing had happened had been on the track of the finals. She had been thoroughly defeated in that race.

    “What’s going on?”

    Lin Yan furrowed her eyebrows.

    Could evolved beings sense that something ominous was about to happen?

    This was completely ridiculous.

    Lin Yan felt that it was just a coincidence.

    Despite her thoughts, she still slowed down.

    She was a racing god of a generation after all. If she were to get into a car accident on this road, her reputation would be ruined.

    Although Lin Yan didn’t believe that anything would happen to her along the way, she couldn’t focus at all.


    Lin Yan’s expression changed as she peered ahead in disbelief.

    A black shadow was moving toward her at an extremely fast speed.

    “F*ck…” Lin Yan blinked and rubbed her eyes.

    After a few seconds, she was certain.

    She was not hallucinating, nor was she seeing things. A black “dark cloud” was indeed pressing on toward her.

    However, this so-called dark cloud was a group of thousands of black crows.


    The crows didn’t dodge at all and crashed into Lin Yan’s car.

    In the blink of an eye, day turned into night. The car was surrounded by crows, and Lin Yan lost control of the vehicle.


    Lin Yan tried to stop the car.

    However, she didn’t react at all in the end. It was as though she had lost control of her car.

    Lin Yan had never imagined that her reputation would be ruined by a bunch of crows.

    No wonder she had been feeling uneasy ever since she had left the house. It seemed like she was inevitably going to clash with the crows today.

    Lin Yan couldn’t understand.

    She had been driving this car very slowly. How had these crows bumped into her? Wasn’t this a form of racketeering?

    Lin Yan instinctively wanted to open the car door, but she couldn’t.

    The most important thing she could do now was stop the car. However, Lin Yan had lost control of the car.

    She found it hard to believe that the car itself had lost control. Instead, it was being controlled by the crows.

    “Don’t tell me the car has been carried to the sky by the crows?”

    Lin Yan was dumbfounded.

    The car didn’t show any signs of malfunction. Lin Yan slammed the brakes and pulled the handbrake simultaneously. Even if there had been a malfunction, logically speaking, the car should have slowed down.

    Unless… the tires of the car had left the ground because of the crows and the car was in a levitated state.

    Because of this, Lin Yan felt that the movements weren’t obvious or ineffective.

    “The crows have become demonic spirits?!”

    Lin Yan stared at the crows in disbelief.
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