899 Evolution Experimen

    Chapter 899: Evolution Experiment

    After returning to Cloud Manor, Lin Yan went back to her room to pet the two kittens. She then headed to Pei Yucheng’s study.

    “Please come in.”

    Lin Yan opened the door after Pei Yucheng replied.

    Pei Yucheng was reading a stack of documents.

    However, he set the documents aside when Lin Yan entered.

    “You’re back.” Pei Yucheng gazed at the girl with a gentle smile.

    “Yeah.” Lin Yan nodded and walked over to Pei Yucheng. Her eyes landed on the documents on his desk.

    Pei Yucheng coughed softly as he put the documents away. “These are trivial matters that don’t require much effort.”

    Lin Yan’s expression changed when she glanced at the documents.

    She seemed to have seen the words “evolution experiment” on the stack of documents just now.

    Suddenly, memories of her and her brother flashed across her mind.

    Why would Pei Yucheng’s documents contain information about the laboratory?

    “Is something bothering you?” Pei Yucheng asked softly when he noticed that something was amiss.

    Lin Yan snapped out of her daze and shook her head. “No.”

    “Are you interested in this information?” Pei Yucheng stared at Lin Yan as he pondered this.

    “I just want to know more about evolution,” replied Lin Yan instinctively.

    Pei Yucheng smiled faintly. “These are trivial matters of the Pei Family. Take a look if you’re interested.”

    Pei Yucheng passed the documents to Lin Yan.

    Lin Yan scanned the documents and saw a lot of information about evolved beings. The Pei Family was also researching evolution?

    “The Pei Family is an evolved being family,” Pei Yucheng explained softly when he saw the confusion on Lin Yan’s face.

    “Evolved being family?” Lin Yan was startled.

    Although she had guessed it before, it had merely been a guess. She had not expected it to be true.

    “Yeah,” Pei Yucheng replied softly. “There are many evolved beings like the Pei Family. Other than China, many other countries are the same.”

    Lin Yan was speechless…

    She realized that she had been living in vain all these years.

    As an evolved being, although she had undergone postnatal evolution, her level wasn’t that high. The people from the Hunter’s Guild called her a low-level postnatal evolved being, but she was at least an evolved being. Unfortunately, she knew nothing about evolved beings.

    Pei Yucheng continued to explain. “Evolved beings are divided into connate and postnatal evolved beings.”

    Lin Yan quipped, “From the looks of it, a connate evolved being is better than a postnatal evolved being?”

    Pei Yucheng nodded. “That’s right. Not only is it difficult for postnatal evolved beings to evolve, but even if they succeed, most of them will be at a lower level. It’s extremely difficult for them to evolve further. However, it’s different for connate evolved beings. Many of them are born with strong abilities, so it’s easier for them to evolve.”

    Lin Yan stroked her chin thoughtfully. “I understand. This is like being a vampire. A natural vampire is more respected and powerful than humans who have been bitten and turned into vampires, right?”

    Pei Yucheng chuckled softly. “That’s right.”

    He paused for a moment before he replied, “There are too few powerful evolved beings at the connate level. That’s why there are man-made experiments.

    “Many large evolved beings like the Pei Family would secretly experiment and modify some of their ordinary heirs in order to have more evolved beings in the family.”
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