904 You Are the Mistress Of This House

    Chapter 904: You Are the Mistress Of This House

    Xing Chen broke out in a cold sweat when he saw Lin Yan’s expression. Big Sister, please don’t!

    “Miss Lin, please don’t be angry. Here’s what happened…” Xing Chen hastily explained.

    “Angry?” Lin Yan glanced at Xing Chen. “Who said that I was angry? How could you tell that I was angry?”

    Xing Chen: “…”

    The words “I’m very unhappy” were written on her forehead.

    “Let’s go and meet the guests,” Pei Yucheng said gently.

    Lin Yan shook her head. “I’m not going. I don’t want to disturb your conversation and ruin your mood.”

    “Miss Lin, you have misunderstood. Although Miss Rong likes Brother Yu, she…”

    Before Xing Chen could finish his sentence, Pei Yucheng glared at him coldly.

    Lin Yan’s face fell when she heard Xing Chen.

    “Oh, how would you quantify that liking?” Lin Yan grinned.

    Xing Chen: “…”

    He was there to deliver the news, not to enter the execution grounds. If it really didn’t work out, he felt that it would be better to suffer a quick death.

    “You haven’t told me how you would quantify that liking.” Lin Yan pressed on when Xing Chen remained silent.

    Xing Chen looked awkward as he glanced at Pei Yucheng.

    “Miss Lin is asking you a question. Why are you looking at me?” Pei Yucheng asked softly.

    “What should I say?” Xing Chen turned to Pei Yucheng cautiously.

    “Tell the truth,” replied Pei Yucheng.

    Xing Chen: “…”

    If he had known that this would happen, he would have asked Qin Huan to report this. Why did he have to report this?

    Since Pei Yucheng wanted him to tell the truth, Xing Chen had no choice but to say helplessly, “Miss Rong is rather infatuated with Brother Yu.”

    Lin Yan grinned at Pei Yucheng as a thought struck her.

    Was she infatuated with Pei Yucheng?

    Could that “pervert” be Miss Rong?

    “Let’s have dinner together. Let’s see how infatuated that lady is with me.” Pei Yucheng grinned as he held Lin Yan’s hand.

    Lin Yan was speechless… She tried to leave before he had even finished his sentence. He wanted to bring her to see how infatuated Miss Rong was with him? How shameless!

    “If you find her an eyesore, tell her to leave,” Pei Yucheng instructed Xing Chen.

    “Huh? Brother Yu, she is the eldest daughter of the Tang Family…” Xing Chen was startled.

    Was he going to kick Tang Rong out just like that?

    Upon seeing that Pei Yucheng wasn’t joking, Xing Chen could only nod and follow his instructions.


    Suddenly, Lin Yan said, “Since she’s a guest, you should show some respect. It wouldn’t be nice to kick her out. I was just joking. You can go and eat dinner.”

    “If this is your decision, sure,” replied Pei Yucheng. “However, you have to treat the guests with respect too.”

    “Why?” Lin Yan was puzzled.

    “Because you are the mistress of this house.” Pei Yucheng grinned at Lin Yan.

    Lin Yan was speechless…

    She deliberated for a moment before she raised her head. “I can come, but I will not be doing it out of respect. I won’t come to watch you, but because I’m hungry.”

    “The mistress is hungry,” replied Pei Yucheng.

    Xing Chen stared at Pei Yucheng in astonishment. Was this the Brother Yu he knew?

    As expected, a good night was always too short, and good times between couples didn’t last. He had finally experienced it.

    Lin Yan whispered to Pei Yucheng, “Go ahead. I have something to ask Xing Chen. I’ll be there soon.”
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