905 Eternal Bronze

    Chapter 905: Eternal Bronze

    When she saw that Xing Chen was about to leave, Lin Yan pulled him back.

    “Don’t go.” Lin Yan glared at Xing Chen.

    “Miss Lin, this has nothing to do with me. Brother Yu and Miss Tang Rong really have nothing to do with each other. It was wishful thinking on Miss Tang Rong’s part… I’m just here to inform you. I don’t have to do that, do I?” Xing Chen frowned. What had he done wrong? If things didn’t work out, it would just be over.

    “I didn’t say that,” replied Lin Yan.

    “That is…” Xing Chen was puzzled.

    “What class are you?” Lin Yan inched closer to Xing Chen curiously.

    “Class…” Xing Chen was deep in thought. He took out his phone and started playing a mobile game. “Eternal Bronze…”

    “Bronze?” Lin Yan sneered coldly. “Noob, let me carry you. I am an expert…”

    Lin Yan, who was taken aback, frowned. “Who asked you about the game, though? I was asking about your Class!”

    “Miss Lin, I’m really Eternal Bronze… I suck at the game and can’t rise up the ranks.” Xing Chen sighed.

    Lin Yan was speechless…

    “I will ask again, and you will answer. What class are you?” Lin Yan studied Xing Chen intently.

    “So that’s what you were talking about, Miss Lin. I know that you like to play games, so I thought that you were asking about games…” Xing Chen explained.

    “Cut the crap. What’s your Class?” asked Lin Yan.

    “I’m not sure. I haven’t tested it. It should be alright,” Xing Chen replied.

    Lin Yan was speechless. She had thought that Pei Yucheng was just being perfunctory, but Xing Chen was 100 times more perfunctory.

    There were even evolved beings who didn’t know what class they were?

    Of course, she was an exception.

    “Let’s spar then.” Lin Yan grinned.

    Xing Chen looked troubled. “Miss Lin, please don’t make things difficult for me. I wouldn’t dare to. If Brother Yu found out, I’d be dead meat.”

    “How would he find out if I didn’t tell him?” Lin Yan frowned.

    “Well, I wouldn’t dare do that anyway. What if I hurt you, Miss Lin?” Xing Chen thought about it but still refused to agree.

    “So, have you evolved physically or spiritually?” Lin Yan pressed on.

    “Physically…” Xing Chen said.

    Lin Yan sighed in disappointment. She had thought that Xing Chen would evolve spiritually. Who would have thought that he would evolve physically like her?

    “Miss Lin, that’s not called physical evolution. It’s called genetic evolution. Spiritual evolution is called brain evolution. Genetic evolution is about strengthening the body. Brain evolution is about strengthening one’s spiritual power and special evolution abilities,” Xing Chen explained.

    “The meaning is similar,” replied Lin Yan. Pei Yucheng’s explanation had been easier to understand.

    “Yes, more or less. I think this is more orthodox,” Xing Chen said.

    Without giving Lin Yan a chance to speak, Xing Chen added, “Miss Lin, if you want to know what class you are, you can use a professional instrument to detect it. However, we don’t have that thing here. There is another way.”

    “What is that?” Lin Yan asked curiously.

    “Give me a few punches and I’ll know by conducting the experiment.” Xing Chen smiled.

    “Are you serious?” Lin Yan glanced at Xing Chen in surprise.

    “Yes, it’s alright.” Xing Chen nodded.

    Lin Yan replied, “Xing Chen, I’m afraid I’ll kill you.”

    Xing Chen replied, “Don’t worry, Miss Lin. It’s alright.”

    The corners of Lin Yan’s mouth twitched. “You’re looking down on my punches. Listen to me, if I punch you, I will break your teeth. Let’s see how you will eat lollipops in the future.”
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