907 Reborn Revenge, Jealous King, Smoke

    Chapter 907: Reborn Revenge, Jealous King, Smoke

    Lin Yan studied Pei Ze thoughtfully. She had a feeling that Pei Ze was staring at her with a strange expression. She could even see disbelief and bewilderment in his eyes. However, he didn’t seem to be affected.

    Was this a slip of the tongue?

    Without giving Lin Yan a chance to speak, Tang Rong chuckled softly. “It has only been a few days since we last met, yet Brother Yucheng already has a girlfriend. No wonder our interactions haven’t been as frequent as before.”

    “Haven’t been as frequent as before?” Lin Yan muttered softly.

    So, they had been in contact frequently in the past?

    At that moment, it felt as if the surrounding air had turned cold. There was a momentary silence.

    “Miss Lin, her interactions with Brother Yu were all official. He didn’t make contact because of personal matters…” Xing Chen whispered in her ear.

    Lin Yan remained expressionless as she surveyed Tang Rong from head to toe. She suspected that this woman might be the pervert who had possessed her.

    “Brother Yucheng, why didn’t you tell me that you have a girlfriend? Even Pei Ze didn’t know about it. Didn’t you tell the Pei Family?” Tang Rong propped her chin on her hands and grinned at Pei Yucheng.

    Lin Yan was furious when she heard this, but she didn’t dare flare up.

    She had underestimated this pervert. The way she did things was not simple at all. Every sentence seemed ordinary, like normal family trivia, but there was a hidden meaning behind it.

    What Tang Rong meant was that Pei Yucheng had gotten a girlfriend and hadn’t told anyone about it. Did that mean that he had a mistress?

    Pei Yucheng was about to speak when Lin Yan smiled and said, “Yucheng and I have been very busy and haven’t had much time. We just happened to have some free time recently. It’s a coincidence that you guys came here today, when I’m here with Yucheng.”

    Tang Rong’s smile widened when she heard Lin Yan.

    Pei Yucheng was slightly taken aback as he mulled over the girl’s words…

    Xing Chen, who was standing aside, broke out in cold sweat. This was really a battle between experts.

    Tang Rong had just said that Pei Yucheng hadn’t mentioned his girlfriend to anyone, and Lin Yan had immediately countered. She had just been mentioned today, yet he had even brought his girlfriend to have dinner with his cousin…

    Xing Chen sighed. This was a war without smoke.

    “Miss Lin, nice to meet you. My name is Tang Rong, and I grew up with Brother Yucheng… Sorry, I don’t think it’s appropriate to say this in front of you. After all, you are Brother Yucheng’s friend.” Tang Rong extended her hand.

    Lin Yan smiled and shook hands with Tang Rong. “Childhood sweethearts are a common occurrence, but it’s a pity that they rarely end up together.”

    Tang Rong’s smile didn’t falter. “Yes, Miss Lin, that makes sense. Since you are Brother Yucheng’s girlfriend, you are my friend too. If you need anything and I can help you, you can tell me.” Tang Rong grinned at Lin Yan.

    Xing Chen glanced at Lin Yan out of the corner of his eyes.

    She had to endure this!

    Even Xing Chen was impressed by Tang Rong’s ability to speak and the meaning behind her words.

    It was as though Lin Yan had become the guest.

    Lin Yan gritted her teeth and glared at Pei Yucheng before turning into a smiling tiger. She grinned at Tang Rong and quipped, “Miss Tang, you don’t have to say that. You’ve known Yucheng since you were young, so you’re just like his younger sister. You’re my younger sister too, so how could I let my younger sister take care of me?

    “On the contrary, Miss Tang, if you need anything, you can let me know. The servants in the villa are very insensible, and outsiders may not be able to order them around.”
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