908 Pei Yuchengs Ex-Girlfriend?

    Chapter 908: Pei Yucheng’s Ex-Girlfriend?

    The smile on Tang Rong’s face was still the same as before. Meanwhile, she continued to speak slowly. “Yes, what Ms. Lin said makes sense, but a servant is still a servant. If they don’t do their job well, they can be replaced at any time. What do you think, Ms. Lin?”

    The corners of Lin Yan’s mouth twitched. Was this a comparison to her? Pei Yucheng could find a new girlfriend at any time, and Cloud Manor could change female owner at any time too?

    Almost instantly, Lin Yan composed herself and grinned. “That might not be the case. I have two cats and dogs, and they bit my servants. Guess what happened, Miss Tang?”

    Tang Rong nodded. “Please elaborate.”

    “I haven’t fed them in two days. They are so obedient now that they don’t dare bite again.” Lin Yan grinned.

    Tang Rong’s eyes glinted coldly.

    Xing Chen wanted to laugh but didn’t dare. What Lin Yan meant was that Tang Rong was like a cat and a dog. She shouldn’t bite anyone, or she would be punished… That was really cruel!

    “Yes, Miss Lin, you are right,” Tang Rong said after a long time.

    “Brother Yucheng, these dishes are delicious. They are all my favorites. Did you prepare them specially for me?”

    Tang Rong gazed tenderly at Pei Yucheng as she spoke.

    Before Pei Yucheng could reply, Lin Yan chuckled. “So these are Miss Tang’s favorites. What a coincidence! Miss Tang’s taste is exactly the same as mine.”

    “Awesome!” Xing Chen was impressed by Lin Yan.

    Even a fool could understand the meaning behind Lin Yan’s words.

    Pei Yucheng prepared this food for me. As for you, this was just a coincidence.

    “I see. I can tell that Brother Yucheng tried his best. I have been with Brother Pei for many years, but I have never seen him make so much effort.” Tang Rong nodded with a smile.

    “Yeah, that sounds just like my friends. They have been my friends for many years, but they don’t even know what kind of food I like. However, it’s understandable. After all, they are just passersby.” Lin Yan grinned.

    Xing Chen’s face flushed until it turned crimson. Lin Yan had implied that even though she had been with Pei Yucheng for so many years, she was merely a passerby… How could she compare to her?

    Tang Rong cast a meaningful glance at Lin Yan.

    Lin Yan grinned at Tang Rong as well. Their eyes met, and it was as though stars crashed into each other before they separated.

    Xing Chen knew that Lin Yan had won.

    He had always thought that Lin Yan was a straightforward but brainless person. Today, he realized that he had been wrong.

    Who said that straightforward people were brainless? After all, the two of them were women. In a war between women… one could lose their life without seeing any blood. It was terrifying!

    Xing Chen looked at Lin Yan as though she was the master of the land. She gave off the supercilious feeling that everyone beneath her was an ant.

    Tang Rong studied Lin Yan for a few seconds before she smiled and took a sip of her drink.

    Tang Rong turned to Pei Yucheng and said casually, “Brother Yucheng, I have been worried about you all these years. You used to be the most famous genius in the Pei Family. However, you were exiled here because of a girl. Luckily, you have a new girlfriend. You should have let go of her completely.”

    Lin Yan’s expression changed when she heard Tang Rong.

    These words contained too much information.

    In the past, Pei Yucheng had been the most important member of the Pei Family. Had he been exiled here because of a girl?

    Because of which girl?

    An ex-girlfriend?
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