909 Because Of That Girl

    Chapter 909: Because Of That Girl

    Meanwhile, Pei Nanxu and Pei Yutang, who had been about to enter, stopped at the entrance and watched Lin Yan fight with Tang Rong.

    Miss Tang Rong wasn’t a simple person. They had been worried that Lin Yan would be bullied, so they had come to support her.

    They had never imagined that Lin Yan would be so powerful that they wouldn’t get a chance to do so.

    Lin Yan, who had wanted to break up with Big Brother… didn’t seem to care about him that much?

    The two of them were so frightened by the scary atmosphere that they didn’t dare make a sound until they heard Tang Rong’s words.

    Pei Yutang was so shocked that he dropped his car keys.

    Lin Yan studied Pei Yucheng quietly, feeling puzzled.

    However, she didn’t show any emotion on her face.

    Pei Nanxu and Pei Yutang exchanged a puzzled glance.

    If Tang Rong hadn’t said what she had today, even they wouldn’t have known about it.

    Big Brother actually had an ex-girlfriend?

    Although they were part of the Pei Family, they hadn’t been with Pei Yucheng since they were young.

    Pei Nanxu and Pei Yutang had been sent to Cloud Manor when they were young. They had only met Pei Yucheng when they had grown up. At the time, Pei Yucheng had also come to Cloud Manor.

    They had asked many questions about the Pei Family, but Pei Yucheng had never answered them.

    When they’d grown up, Pei Yutang and Pei Nanxu had learned a little about the Pei Family.

    They only knew that the Pei Family was a huge entity that had extremely high requirements for its descendants.

    The two of them had been sent away from the Pei Family’s headquarters because they were not outstanding enough.

    Pei Nanxu and Pei Yutang didn’t really understand. They had been sent away when they were young. Had the Pei Family known that they were not outstanding as soon as they had been born?

    A few years ago, when the two of them had gone to the Pei Family’s headquarters and seen some things they shouldn’t have seen, they had finally discovered the existence of evolved beings.

    As a result, the two of them now suspected whether the Pei Family was related to evolved beings.

    If the Pei Family was an evolved being family and the two of them were just ordinary people who couldn’t become evolved beings, then it would be natural for them to be sent away.

    Besides, Pei Yucheng had been extraordinary all these years. As his younger brothers, how could they not know that Pei Yucheng wasn’t an ordinary person? He was most likely an evolved being.

    Although they were well aware of this, neither of them had mentioned it before. Naturally, Pei Yucheng didn’t hide anything from them. If they didn’t ask, Pei Yucheng wouldn’t say anything.

    “Brother Yucheng is the most outstanding evolved being of the Pei Family and the heir chosen by the family itself. Brother Yucheng even studied in an extremely mysterious sacred land… No one in the Pei Family has had such an honor before. If it weren’t for that girl, Brother Yucheng wouldn’t have done this,” Tang Rong added.

    Pei Yucheng, on the other hand, didn’t look any different.

    Pei Nanxu and Pei Yutang looked as though they had expected this to happen. They weren’t that surprised.

    They had guessed long ago that the Pei Family was related to evolved beings. Now, they had only received further confirmation.

    “Cousin Yucheng, no one in the Pei Family could have been more powerful than you back then.” Pei Ze smiled and added, “It was all because of that girl. You suffered a mental breakdown and went against the Pei Family’s wishes several times. You left home alone to look for that girl. After a long time, your talents were wasted. The elders of the Pei Family were furious, so you were exiled to this place.”
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