913 Lin Yan, Have You Fallen For Me?

    Chapter 913: Lin Yan, Have You Fallen For Me?

    He had said, “The difference between acting and being together forever is that acting lasts slightly longer.”

    He had also said, “If you lie to me, then lie to me forever.”

    She remembered very clearly that Pei Yucheng had answered her question in first person. This meant that Pei Yucheng had probably discovered that she had been asking for herself, and not for some bestie.

    Why would Pei Yucheng suddenly mention this…

    Lin Yan nodded at the man, who was waiting for her to reply. “I did ask that. Why?”

    Pei Yucheng pretended to be nonchalant as he picked up some food for Lin Yan. “Miss Lin, you should remember my words. I told you that there is another possibility other than acting based on the circumstances—doing it for real even though it was an act in the first place…”

    Pei Yucheng paused for a moment before he spoke calmly under Lin Yan’s suspicious gaze. “Miss Lin, is your best friend… doing it for real?”

    Otherwise, why would he care about the woman beside him? Why would he be angry over this time and again…

    Lin Yan’s mind exploded like fireworks.

    Pei Yucheng had to know that her so-called bestie was Lin Yan herself. Hence, he was basically asking…

    Did your act become real?

    Lin Yan, are you in love with me?

    Lin Yan automatically ignored these questions and would keep doing so until Pei Yucheng blurted them out.

    Why… Why was she so angry?

    Why was she angry about the women around Pei Yucheng?

    Pei Yucheng looked as calm and composed as ever. However, the tension in his spine and the way he gripped the bowl and chopsticks revealed his thoughts.

    He quietly waited for the girl’s reply. It had only been a few seconds, but it felt like several long nights had passed.

    An ear-piercing sound of chairs scraping against the floor rang out—

    Lin Yan shot to her feet and replied firmly, “My… My best friend said that her acting skills have reached perfection!”

    After saying that, she slipped into her room.

    Pei Yucheng was speechless…

    The man narrowed his eyes, and his glasses reflected a dangerous white light.

    It seemed like this girl would never tell the truth in front of him…


    Lin Yan scrambled into the room as though she had been chased by a ghost. She patted her chest in fright.

    Oh my god! She was scared to death!

    This man was really scary!

    His interrogation methods were simply heaven-defying!

    She was the one who had asked him at first, but in the end, the tables had turned and she had ended up being interrogated.

    Was there any justice in this world?

    Luckily, she had reacted fast and run away quickly!

    Lin Yan was still worried, so she darted to the door and carefully locked it.

    That would be safer…

    Acting becoming reality? What a joke! How was that possible?! Was she someone without principles?

    Lin Yan locked the door and turned around.

    Unexpectedly, the moment she turned around, a familiar feeling attacked her. Her vision turned black and, a second later, her soul seemed to get pulled out of her body. Then, she lost control of her body.

    Practice made one perfect. Lin Yan immediately realized what had happened.


    This vixen had actually dared to appear!!!
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