922 That Demoness

    Chapter 922: That Demoness

    Late at night, in a certain guest room…

    Pei Ze’s fingers tapped on the table, intentionally or otherwise.

    After a moment, Pei Ze’s gaze landed on the youth to the side.

    “Second Master, you seem to have something on your mind.” The young man looked at Pei Ze as he spoke.

    Pei Ze said thoughtfully, “When a person dies, it’s like a lamp being extinguished. Will the lamp still be lit after the oil is gone?”

    As Pei Ze finished speaking, the young man’s expression changed slightly. He naturally didn’t know what Pei Ze was referring to and didn’t dare guess.

    Although Pei Ze’s evolved abilities were ordinary and nothing special in the Pei Family, Pei Ze’s intelligence was surprisingly high and almost no one could compare to him. Every word he said could be extremely profound.

    The young man naturally didn’t dare make wild guesses and was even more unable to understand the meaning behind Pei Ze’s words.

    “Second Master, you mean…” After a long while, the young man looked at Pei Ze and spoke to him.

    “I met my cousin’s girlfriend at Cloud Manor today,” Pei Ze said slowly.

    “Pei Yucheng’s girlfriend?” The young man frowned. “Second Master, do you think that something is amiss?”

    The young man naturally knew Pei Ze’s motive for heading to Cloud Manor.

    Ever since the demoness had disappeared, most of the rumors had said that the demoness had died. At the very beginning, the demoness’ faction had promised Pei Ze to help him destroy the Pei Family and make him the true master of the family.

    However, after the death of the demoness, all these promises had been broken, so Pei Ze could only rely on himself now.

    In the Pei Family, there was no shortage of outstanding juniors. Most of them were ruthless and would resort to unscrupulous means to achieve their goals. Pei Ze had been able to live to this day in such a family because he knew how to endure. He did not show his desire to fight for the inheritance of the Pei Family. Perhaps it was because of this that no one treated Pei Ze seriously and he had been able to survive.

    As time passed, Pei Ze’s status in the Pei Family became more and more dangerous. If he did not have a powerful ally or did not fight for the inheritance rights of the Pei Family, in the end, it would be hard to say if he could even save his life in the battle for the inheritance rights.

    “Do you still remember that demoness?” After a long time, Pei Ze spoke again.

    “Of course, Second Master.” The young man nodded. “Her faction once insisted the Pei Family submit to her, but the Pei Family declined politely. Later on, they promised to help you destroy the Pei Family so that you could control it and become the new head of the family.”

    Pei Ze’s fingers were still tapping on the table, and the banging sounds became more frequent.

    It was unknown what kind of scheme the demoness’ faction was brewing. They had indeed roped in many great evolved beings. However, when it came to the Pei Family, it was a family that didn’t dare offend them but didn’t agree to their requests either.

    Back then, after the Pei Family had rejected the demoness’ power, Pei Ze had known that this was a rare opportunity for him.

    He had contacted the demoness’ faction and said that if he could obtain the inheritance of the Pei Family and become its head, he would definitely be loyal to her.

    It was precisely because of Pei Ze’s promise that the demoness’ faction had agreed to help Pei Ze become the Pei Family’s new head.

    However, before long, the demoness had disappeared and maybe was no longer alive.

    “I met that woman at Cloud Manor today,” Pei Ze said thoughtfully.

    Met that demoness? That demoness?
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