923 Didnt She Go Missing?

    Chapter 923: Didn’t She Go Missing?

    As soon as Pei Ze finished speaking, the young man’s expression instantly changed and he said in disbelief, “Second Master… you met that demoness?!”

    “Mm,” Pei Ze said lightly.

    However, the young man was a little puzzled. “Second Master, the demoness has never shown her true face to anyone. Have you seen the demoness herself?”

    The demoness was very mysterious. The two of them aside, even at the headquarters of the Hunter’s Guild, very few people knew the true appearance of the demoness. Moreover, no one even knew what level of evolution the demoness had reached.

    The Hunter’s Guild and the demoness’ faction were like fire and water. For many years, the main goal of the Hunter’s Guild had been to destroy the demoness. However, they had never even seen her face before. Plus, every time they fought against the demoness’ faction, they suffered heavy losses. Many ridiculously powerful A-Class evolved beings from the Hunter’s Guild had died in the hands of the demoness’ faction.

    The young man had not expected the Second Master to have seen the face of the demoness.

    “It was just a coincidence,” Pei Ze said casually.

    “Then… Then that’s strange. Didn’t the demoness go missing? Rumor has it that she’s already dead. All these years, the demoness’ power hasn’t been as active as before… This also confirms the fact that she’s dead. But how did you see her at Cloud Manor, Second Master?” the youth asked with a puzzled expression.

    “She showed up as my cousin’s girlfriend.” Pei Ze couldn’t understand this either.

    “I didn’t expect that…” the youth said in surprise.

    “I wonder what she’s up to?” Pei Ze fell into deep thought.

    “Second Master, are you sure that the Miss Lin you mentioned just now is really… the demoness herself?” the young man asked.

    Pei Ze was not sure about this.

    The only thing Pei Ze was certain of was that Lin Yan and the demoness looked exactly the same. However, their actions and words were different.

    Based on looks alone, Pei Ze was certain that Lin Yan was the same person as the demoness. However, judging from her behavior and demeanor, she was a completely different person.

    Thus, up until now, Pei Ze had still been unable to confirm if they were the same person.

    “Second Master, should we find a chance to inquire?” the young man asked.

    After a while, Pei Ze shook his head. “Absolutely not.”

    If the demoness had appeared in the Pei Family as Pei Yucheng’s girlfriend, it was highly possible that she was plotting something. If he were to inquire now, he would get in trouble if Lin Yan really was the demoness.

    “Right now, I’m only worried that she wants to harm my cousin.” Pei Ze’s eyes were filled with worry.

    The young man looked at Pei Ze and fell into deep thought.

    After following Pei Ze for so many years, he knew Pei Ze and his past very well.

    In the past, Pei Ze hadn’t been valued by the Pei Family. At the time, the younger generation of the Pei Family had been dazzling like stars. Pei Ze, on the other hand, had been dull and unpolished. There had been no kinship in the Pei Family. Only Pei Yucheng had treated him as a brother.

    During their negotiation with the demoness’ faction, almost everyone who had threatened Pei Ze had entered the faction’s list of targets to be eliminated. Only Pei Yucheng had never appeared on the list.

    The young man knew how close Pei Ze was to Pei Yucheng.
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