924 Three Possibilities

    Chapter 924: Three Possibilities

    “Second Master, I don’t think so.”

    The young man replied, “If the demoness really wanted to attack Pei Yucheng, she wouldn’t have gone to so much trouble. She wouldn’t have needed to change her appearance and approach Pei Yucheng. She wouldn’t have even hesitated and become his girlfriend. Although Pei Yucheng’s level of evolution is high, if she really wanted to get rid of him, she wouldn’t have needed to do so.”

    “How could I not know this?” Pei Ze glanced at the young man.

    Upon hearing that, the youth hastily said, “Second Master, I said too much.”

    Pei Ze fell into deep thought again.

    He naturally had his reasons for being worried.

    Pei Yucheng had kept a low profile for many years and hadn’t made any moves at Cloud Manor. He hadn’t offended the demoness either. Logically speaking, the demoness wouldn’t target Pei Yucheng for no reason. Besides, Pei Yucheng wasn’t on the elimination list.

    Even if Pei Yucheng was on the list, Pei Ze didn’t believe that the demoness would do something so trivial. She didn’t care about the entire Pei Family, let alone Pei Yucheng.

    In that case, according to Pei Ze’s analysis, there were only three possibilities.

    One, Lin Yan was Lin Yan, while the demoness was the demoness. The two of them weren’t the same person.

    Two, Lin Yan was indeed the demoness. However, she had fallen in love with Pei Yucheng. No matter how powerful the demoness was, she was still a woman. It wouldn’t be unusual for her to meet someone she fell in love with.

    The first two possibilities were acceptable by Pei Ze and allowed him to heave a sigh of relief. Only the third possibility caused Pei Ze’s body to go cold as soon as he thought about it. After all, this was the last thing Pei Ze wanted to see happen.

    Pei Ze had been close to Pei Yucheng since they were young, so he knew a lot about him.

    This included the mysterious Holy Land that Pei Yucheng had never mentioned to anyone, as well as the fact that he had accepted the leader of the Holy Land as his master.

    According to Pei Yucheng, the so-called Holy Land was the holy ground of evolved beings and the origin of the evolved being order.

    In this world existed powerful evolved beings. The reason they were still able to maintain peace and order was entirely because of the Holy Land’s existence and the rules set by the Holy Land.

    Pei Yucheng had been fortunate enough to study in the Holy Land when he was a child. He had even become the master of the Holy Land. Besides him, no one in the Pei Family knew about this.

    Pei Ze was afraid that the demoness knew this as well. Hence, she had concealed her identity and become Pei Yucheng’s girlfriend. Her motive… was to get close to the Holy Land and perhaps even the most powerful leader in history!

    However, Pei Ze still had his doubts.

    Although the demoness and her forces were strong enough, how could they fight against the Holy Land, especially against the Holy Land Lord? It was said that he was the most powerful evolved being in the world.

    Pei Ze believed that if they were to go against the Holy Land head-on, the demoness and her faction would be easily destroyed.

    Hence, she had approached Pei Yucheng because she knew that he was the disciple of the leader of the Holy Land. Perhaps she had wanted to use her identity to lower the Holy Land’s guard, so she had come up with a bigger scheme.

    Once the Holy Land disappeared, this world would be completely overturned. On the surface, even though the Hunter’s Guild was maintaining the order, this was far from enough.

    Without the deterrence of the Holy Land, even Pei Ze could not imagine what the world would become.

    “Second Master, what do you plan to do?”

    The young man’s gaze landed on Pei Ze.
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