930 Choose Me

    Chapter 930: Choose Me

    “Brother, am I right?” Li Si looked at Zhang San.

    “Yes, that’s right!” Zhang San nodded and said, “We are cultured and refined men. We have received high-quality education. We would definitely not do something like bullying the weak with numbers. This goes against the principles in our hearts!”

    “Oh.” Lin Yan studied the two brothers and smirked coldly. “Then… what are you two doing?”

    “What are we doing?” Li Si curled his lips. “My brother and I naturally want to bring you away and let justice deal with you!”

    “Didn’t you just say that you wouldn’t bully the weak? Why did you change your mind?” Lin Yan sneered coldly.

    Zhang San and Li Si were startled when they heard Lin Yan. They then exchanged a glance.

    “Brother… What she said seems to make a little bit of sense,” said Li Si with a frown.

    “Pui! How could we bully the weak with numbers?” Zhang San was unconvinced.

    “In terms of age, both of you are much older than me. In terms of qualifications, both of you are seniors. In terms of numbers, aren’t the two of you bullying weak me?” Lin Yan replied softly.

    “Brother, what she said makes sense!” said Li Si.

    “Makes sense, makes sense… Can’t you use a different term? Makes sense, my *ss!” Zhang San said.

    “Brother, I don’t want to criticize you, but you are being unreasonable. You are being too disrespectful to your elders. As the saying goes, reason gives one all the rights. Without reason, it’s difficult to take even a single step. You can’t be unreasonable and insist on sophistry, right?” said Li Si.

    “Senior Li Si is right. I think that Senior Li Si is much more intelligent than Senior Zhang San. He should be the older brother.” Lin Yan grinned at him.

    Li Si perked up when he heard Lin Yan. “You’re right!”

    “Right, right, right. Right, my *ss. Can’t you see that she’s playing with us?” Zhang San shot a glance at Li Si.

    “Heh… Zhang San, you are shameless. I think what this lady said makes sense. My train of thought is a lot more sublime than yours, and I have a greater sense of justice. I should be the elder brother. You are the younger brother!” said Li Si.

    “I can’t be bothered to waste my breath on you.” Zhang San glanced at Lin Yan. “Alright, if that’s the case, we won’t team up. Choose someone as your opponent. If you win, we will do whatever you say.”

    “Really?” Lin Yan grinned.

    “Duh, of course. We’re two men who keep their word!” Zhang San said.

    “Alright, I shall believe Senior Zhang San’s words. I shall choose him as my opponent.” Lin Yan’s eyes trailed to him.

    No matter how she looked at it, Li Si seemed even more foolish than Zhang San.

    “Ha ha ha… Good. Good choice. Little girl, you are indeed perceptive. Choosing me is the right choice!” Li Si laughed loudly.

    Without giving Lin Yan a chance to speak, Li Si said, “How about this? I will give you three moves to show my sincerity.”

    “No need.” Lin Yan shook her head. “I know my limits when it comes to evolved beings. I’m inferior to you, Li Si.”

    Lin Yan speculated that both of them had evolved spiritual powers. However, their physical qualities were equally terrifying. They weren’t as pure as the man who could control beasts. No matter what she did, she couldn’t win.
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