940 Who Is Closer to You?

    Chapter 940: Who Is Closer to You?

    No wonder Lin Yan hadn’t seen Yun Xuan recently. He Lefeng had sent him to the hospital to take care of her grandfather.

    “Sister, I was wrong. I won’t do it again. If you are hospitalized, I will stay by your side 24 hours a day!” He Lefeng apologized pitifully to Lin Yan.

    “You really know how to apologize.” Mo Shuyun gave He Lefeng a thumbs-up. “Why don’t you tell me that you’ll keep watch at your sister’s wake when she dies 24/7?”

    He Lefeng was startled by Lin Yan’s hostile gaze. He realized that he had said the wrong thing and hurriedly changed the topic. “Erm… Oh yeah, given my sister’s racing skills, we don’t need to find any elite racers. She is our pillar of support. Yun Xuan, Mo Shuyun, and I are also pillars. If we find someone else to help us, we will be able to make a name for ourselves. Then, won’t we have a team of outstanding racers?”

    “Hey, you’re suddenly enlightened!” Mo Shuyun nodded after some thought.

    This was a good idea.

    All of them knew how good Lin Yan was.

    She had single-handedly clinched the division C championship.

    Hence, Lin Yan could carry the entire team by herself.

    “Yun Xuan, what do you think?” Mo Shuyun asked Yun Xuan.

    “Yes… Sister is very strong,” Yun Xuan said.

    “Ha ha ha! I am indeed a super-genius!” He Lefeng laughed out loud.

    “Genius, my *ss!” Lin Yan glared at He Lefeng. “Don’t you know that I was banned?”

    He Lefeng replied, “Sister, what’s wrong with that? Weren’t you banned from competing too? Didn’t you flaunt your prowess on the racetrack? If you don’t tell, who will know?”

    “The situation is different now.” Lin Yan shook her head.

    The national racing federation was extremely strict with new teams.

    When she had been with the He family team, they had been a lowly team, but they had been a team with a long history. Hence, the inspection hadn’t been that strict. Her grandfather would have helped her take care of everything if necessary.

    However, the new team was a different matter.

    Taking 10,000 steps back, even if she could bluff her way through, she would still be a time bomb. She would not take such a risk.

    He Lefeng frowned and asked, “Sister, are you referring to… Lin Shuya?”

    Lin Yan stroked He Lefeng’s head in satisfaction. The brat had finally become smarter.

    Back then, Lin Shuya had caused her to be banned from competing. She hadn’t reported her to the He family team because she had been concerned about her reputation. However, now that Lin Shuya had stepped out of the entertainment industry and entered the racing industry, she no longer needed her reputation. If Lin Shuya reported her, the consequences would be dire.

    “Sister Shuya… is such an ingrate. Her conscience has been eaten by a dog. Sister, you have been too good to her. You have favored Lin Shuya since we were young… You didn’t even give me food, but you gave Lin Shuya food. You even punched me a few times because of Lin Shuya…” He Lefeng looked at Lin Yan with a pitiful expression.

    Lin Yan was speechless… Why was he straying further and further away from the point?

    “Sister, you know me now. I’m your closest brother. Tell me, who is closer to you?” He Lefeng hissed.
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