4 Only She Could Save Our Boss

    The young man got out of the car. Due to the cars' dazzling headlights, it took him a second to catch a glimpse of the girl, who was apologizing profusely.

    "It's her?"

    The young man's expression instantly changed upon seeing Lin Yan. His shock was replaced by astonishment... and then disbelief.

    Why would this woman appear here?

    He would never allow his boss to see her!

    The young man wanted to get back to the car and make the cars ahead chase Lin Yan away. However, he suddenly halted and slipped into a reverie.

    If he really chased this woman away, then his boss' life...

    He was afraid that this woman was the only one in the world who could save his boss' life.

    The fact that she had appeared here tonight seemed like destiny...

    Anyway, she had chosen to forget about his boss... He should ask her to get in first. Once his boss calmed down, he would immediately chase her away before he could see her.

    The young man made up his mind instantly and strode ahead.

    "I'm so sorry. I didn't do it on purpose..." Lin Yan continued to apologize, looking very sorry.

    Should she go to a temple to pray? Was she plagued by misfortune?

    "Stop talking." The young man approached Lin Yan.

    The driver of the car spotted the young man and put on a respectful expression. He unconsciously took several steps back.

    "You... What's your name?" The young man peered at Lin Yan indifferently.

    "Lin Yan," she replied.

    "Miss Lin, you're hurt. Follow me, there is a first-aid kit in the car. I can help you clean your wound." The young man contemplated this briefly before coming up with an excuse that he was satisfied with.

    "Hmmm..." Lin Yan was slightly startled. This road wasn't meant for pedestrians. Plus, she was at fault for not being alert.

    "Let me dress your wound." The young man repeated once more as he furrowed his eyebrows.

    Lin Yan's ability to recover was faster than normal people's. Hence, she blurted out without much thought, "It's fine, I'm alright. I will recover in a while. Did I damage your car? It was indeed my fault. I won't deny it..."

    "Are you sure you can compensate me?" the driver mumbled softly under his breath.

    The young man shot the driver a cold glare right away.

    The driver shuddered and clammed up.

    "Let's go dress your wound." The young man ignored Lin Yan's words and led her to the middle of the car fleet.

    Lin Yan's eyes sparkled with excitement as they landed on the car. As a racer, she absolutely could not resist a car like this.

    As a result, Lin Yan followed him...

    The man opened the door and Lin Yan got in.

    The young man closed the door quickly as soon as she got in.

    Lin Yan soon realized that there were two other people in the back seat.

    She saw an aloof-looking young lady with a ponytail in a tight-fitting black outfit and another man who was wearing a pair of gold-framed spectacles. He was resting against the seat, looking extremely weak. The watch he was wearing produced constant shrill sounds that sounded like an alarm.

    "It's her!"

    The young lady studied Lin Yan's face, instantly getting shocked.

    However, the young man hastily gave the lady a meaningful look.

    The lady regained her composure after receiving the signal. She didn't speak a word.

    "My wound... It's really nothing, I'll be fine in no time." Lin Yan glanced at the man and the lady, looking rather helpless.

    Why would she need to dress a minor wound like this?

    "We can't ignore that. After all, we were the ones who injured you." The young man spoke hurriedly in an effort to stop her from getting out.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    Before Lin Yan could respond, that shrill alarm began to slow down instantly...
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