17 I Really Don’t Care About Worldly Temptations, I Only Want to Earn Money

    The black car sped on the road steadily as the scenery outside the windows disappeared out of sight. Soon, the luxurious mansion vanished.

    Lin Yan felt as though she'd had a ridiculous dream last night and she was finally awake.

    She had woken up on her idol's brother's bed...

    Yesterday night, her beloved idol had taken her home personally...

    What a pity!

    She couldn't remember anything at all!

    Afterward, Lin Yan finally thought of a person she had forgotten. She hastily called Wang Jingyang.

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    He picked up the call almost immediately. Wang Jingyang's emotional voice was heard. "What the... Lin Yan, you have become a traitor since you got a boyfriend. You finally remembered to call me back!"

    Lin Yan replied, "Are you still drunk from all that alcohol yesterday night? Why did you send me such weird texts so early in the morning?"

    Wang Jingyang hissed, "It was you who blurted weird nonsense to me last night."

    Lin Yan replied, "What kind of weird nonsense did I blurt yesterday?"

    Wang Jingyang instantly rattled on. "It wasn't just weird, it was terrifying. Yesterday, I asked if you want to stay at my place, but you said you were going to your boyfriend's place. So... When did you find a new boyfriend?"

    Lin Yan was startled by his words. She couldn't believe that she had said all those things. "I said that?"

    Wang Jingyang replied, "Of course! You said everything!"

    Lin Yan deduced that she must have been drunk. She brushed it off without giving it too much thought. "I was drunk. Why did you believe my words?"

    Wang Jingyang was taken aback. "Damn you, Lin Yan! You caused me to lose my sleep the entire night and now you're saying that you were spewing nonsense? You were sober and clear-headed when you said that!"

    Lin Yan was rather speechless. "Just because of this, you couldn't sleep the entire night? Is there a problem?"

    Wang Jingyang coughed gently to hide his guilt. "I was merely curious..."

    He was slightly worried, so he said, "Are you sober now? So, you really don't have a boyfriend?"

    Lin Yan repeated, "I really don't! I really don't care about worldly temptations right now. I only want to earn money!"

    Although Wang Jingyang was speechless, he did believe her.

    Lin Yan said, "I'm hanging up now. I need to find a job. If I can't pay my rent next month, I'll seek shelter at your place!"

    After Lin Yan ended the call, she inhaled deeply to get rid of her messy thoughts.

    She had been downcast for some time, but it was time for her to get back on her feet.
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