19 The Boss Came Personally

    The next morning, Lin Yan made her way to the audition venue early.

    Triumph Entertainment had banned Lin Yan, so it was tough for her to make a comeback.

    After sending out numerous resumes, she had finally received a reply.

    She had applied for a role in a small production with a rather trashy, melodramatic plot. Although the script was awful, she would be content with a role. She was in no position to be picky. Besides, she wouldn't qualify for any major productions given her acting skills.

    When she had gone abroad years ago, she had been hungry for success and fame. For the sake of money, she had entered all sorts of competitions. However, she'd had several serious accidents that had almost caused her to lose her life.

    She didn't want her mother and Lin Shuya to worry, so she hadn't mentioned anything to them. Her mother wasn't even aware of her career as a professional car racer.

    In order to groom her, her coach had forced her to undergo all sorts of rigorous special training to train her physically and develop her patience. This training had included physical capability exercises, survival drills, and skills such as painting and calligraphy. In order for her to understand more about racing, he had even coached her and helped her enter Country M's Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which she specialized in aerodynamics.

    Lin Yan was intelligent, and she was able to learn anything quickly as long as she set her mind on it. However, if she didn't have any interest in learning, she wouldn't be able to master a skill. That was why she had failed to learn how to play chess.

    After getting banned from competing, she had entered the entertainment industry because of Han Yixuan and Lin Shuya. However, she didn't have much interest in acting, so her acting skills were horrible.

    She knew that she had to spend plenty of time to improve her acting skills. However, right now, she had to focus on passing this audition.

    "Number 33!"

    When someone announced her number, Lin Yan took a deep breath and entered the audition room.

    After some time, Lin Yan's performance ended.

    The director shook his head. "Sorry, Miss Lin, but your acting isn't inspiring enough. I hope we get a chance to work together in the future."

    Lin Yan had no choice but to leave.

    After she left, she walked past another production team. There was a huge crowd outside the room.

    The production team had hung up a sign with the words 'Meeting One's Match'.

    Wasn't He Shanshan auditioning for this movie today?

    Lin Yan unconsciously halted and peered in the direction of the crowd.


    Meanwhile, the crew of 'Meeting One's Match' was in a state of frenzied chaos.

    The producer, Feng Anhua, and director, Jiang Yiming, had called a meeting of the entire production crew. They sternly instructed them to make sure that the auditions that day were smooth and successful.

    In a partitioned area inside the audition hall, one could clearly see the auditions outside through a video camera.

    A man was sitting on a black leather couch opposite the video camera.

    He was wearing a pair of gold-framed spectacles, and he was clad in a classic yet ascetic-looking black suit. He was casually flipping through a magazine.

    Even though he appeared relaxed, he still exuded an imposing, intimidating aura from head to toe. No one dared to look at him.

    Pei Nanxu walked towards him with a cup of coffee and a smile on his face. "Brother, how come you suddenly had the time to drop by today?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    The man accepted the coffee. "Can't I come?"

    Pei Nanxu smiled softly. "Of course, I'm happy to see you here. It's just that you gave both Feng Anhua and our director a bad shock."

    Nobody had anticipated that Pei Yucheng would make a visit personally. Feng Anhua's legs had given way out of fright and he kept asking Pei Nanxu what had happened.

    To be honest, Pei Nanxu was surprised as well.

    Although JM Corporation had invested in this movie, there was no reason for Pei Yucheng to be involved in inspecting the audition process.
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