22 Shut the Door

    About half an hour later...

    "Sorry, I'm late."

    Finally, He Shanshan and Wang Qiaohui came strutting haughtily in.

    He Shanshan had invested time and effort on her hairstyle and makeup to achieve a more mature look. She was even wearing a professional suit from a luxury brand that had cost her at least 100,000 yuan. It seemed like she had spared no effort that day.

    Even her aunt, Wang Qiaohui, had transformed into a glamorous upper-class lady.

    "You brought your family to the audition?"

    One of the actresses studied He Shanshan and Wang Qiaohui with a frown.

    "What has that got to do with you?" retorted Wang Qiaohui coldly.

    How could these people be compared to them?

    Her daughter Shanshan, had Lin Shuya's support. Lin Shuya had arranged for this audition personally.

    "Ha ha... This must be Miss He. Don't worry, take a seat." Feng Anhua instantly rose with a bright smile on his face when he saw He Shanshan.

    "Thank you."

    When He Shanshan noticed the fawning attitude of the producer, all traces of her doubts were dispelled. She turned haughty and cold.

    She had never imagined that Sister Shuya would have such power. To think that even the producer was so courteous to her!

    Wang Qiaohui became more confident and arrogant.

    The actresses who were also here for the audition began to survey Wang Qiaohui and her daughter in a new light.

    Who were they exactly? Even the producer, Feng Anhua, seemed to be buttering them up.

    In that case... Do they still stand a chance today?

    On the other hand, Jiang Yiming was famous for cherishing talent and emphasizing on acting skills. He shouldn't go against his own principles regardless of the connections behind this mother and daughter.

    Lin Yan was sitting on the rightmost row, a considerable distance away from her aunt and cousin. Hence, they didn't notice Lin Yan.

    "Lin Shuya has such a strong influence?" Lin Yan frowned.

    Although Lin Shuya was supported by both the Lin and Han family, which were indeed influential, she couldn't possibly stretch her influence so far...

    Soon, the auditions began.

    There was a bed in the middle of the hall and a mannequin that was supposed to be the male lead.

    This scene was simple. The male lead had collapsed after a setback. The female lead, who was his foe, was at the hospital to negotiate with him.

    There were indeed many applicants vying to land the role, so the competition was intense. All of them possessed excellent qualifications and prerequisites.

    The first to audition was a new actress who had become popular recently.

    The mannequin lay quietly on the bed.

    The new actress seemed rather nervous as she inhaled deeply. "I can do this!"

    Jiang Yiming spoke. "Begin!"

    The actress nodded and took another deep breath. She walked over and sat down on the edge of the bed.

    Then, she started to adjust the clothes of the mannequin. She tried her best to suppress her emotions as she gazed at the silly-looking mannequin. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    The actress snapped out of her reverie when the director cleared his throat softly. She finally said her lines.

    "You... Are you alright?"

    Jiang Yiming's face fell. He interrupted her performance by bellowing, "Can't you act unless your opponent is a real person? Is the mannequin so funny? Why are you here then? How many times have you almost burst into laughter?"

    Jiang Yiming, who was known for his vicious tongue, spared no thought for other people's feelings.

    As soon as he finished talking, the actress went pale. The other actresses were all guffawing with laughter.

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    'This is too scary!'

    'Let me out!'
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