24 Please Begin Your Performance

    He Shanshan, Wang Qiaohui and the rest were momentarily startled.

    Lin Yan had been sitting in a corner, so they hadn't noticed her.

    "That... Director Jiang... Actually, I..." Lin Yan stood up, looking exceedingly awkward.

    She wanted to ask if they could just give her a minor role.

    She wanted a minor role! How was she supposed to act as a domineering president... Did she even look like one?

    If not, could she act as a female hooligan instead?

    "Why is she here?" He Shanshan couldn't conceal the annoyance and loathing on her face when she saw Lin Yan.

    She was a worthless person! What had given her the courage to come to this audition?

    "Lin Yan, what are you up to? Is this the sort of place that you can come to? Just get lost!" Wang Qiaohui glared at Lin Yan coldly. She yelled at her exactly like she did at home, in a bossy and condescending manner.

    When Wang Qiaohui stopped talking, Lin Yan furrowed her eyebrows tightly. Her eyes met Wang Qiaohui's. "I'm free to be anywhere I want or do anything I want. What does it have to do with you? Who are you to command me?"

    If this had happened two years ago, she would have slapped Wang Qiaohui.

    "Lin Yan, who are you to speak to me with such an attitude?" Wang Qiaohui was so livid that she exploded. Her daughter had just clinched the role, yet Lin Yan had appeared out of nowhere. She was wasting their time!

    "What kind of attitude should I have?" replied Lin Yan coldly.

    Should she really treat both mother and daughter with respect?

    "You're a freeloader at my place, yet you're still so shameless. Great! If you can't pay the rent by tomorrow, you'll get out of my house!" Wang Qiaohui sneered maliciously.

    Lin Yan was so useless that she wouldn't be able to even clinch a minor role, let alone the role of a domineering president.

    Her daughter was a top student at a prestigious school. Lin Yan wasn't even fit to carry her daughter's shoes. How could she be worthy enough to vie with her daughter?

    "Mom, I already told you to throw her belongings away. Do you really need that meager amount of rent?" He Shanshan remarked with a cold smirk.

    "Listen, everyone! This actress does not attend an acting school. She didn't even go to university. She can't even take on a minor role. You should send her away and stop wasting your time." Suddenly, Wang Qiaohui turned to Feng Anhua.

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    Feng Anhua was suddenly in a dilemma. No matter what, he still needed to follow the normal procedure. How could he chase someone away before she had even auditioned? That was too unreasonable.

    "She is really shameless. She can't even snag a minor role, yet she came here?" A lady in a little red dress made a sarcastic remark.

    She was still fretting about how to strike a friendship with He Shanshan. Now, an opportunity had presented itself.

    "Exactly. What is wrong with this person? She is staying at Miss He's house and now she wants to snatch her role! Is she even qualified enough?"

    "Hmph! Look at her outfit. Does she look like she is auditioning for the role of a domineering president? Seems like she is auditioning for the role of a waitress."

    "Why are you all being so noisy? What do you think this place is?" Suddenly, Jiang Yiming sprang to his feet and yelled angrily.

    Without giving them the chance to utter a word, he glanced at Lin Yan. "Number 33, start your audition!"
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