27 This Person Is Eliminated

    "Director Jiang, I think that this person is unsuitable." Suddenly, He Shanshan glanced at Jiang Yiming with a warning look in her eyes.

    "Why is she unsuitable? In my opinion, she is perfect. Besides, it's just a minor role," replied Jiang Yiming with a frown.

    "Oh, Old Jiang. Since Miss He said that, let's forget about it... Besides, I also feel that Miss Lin isn't very suitable for our movie..." Feng Anhua changed sides immediately.

    There was no need to offend He Shanshan for this woman's sake!

    "Am I the director or not?" Jiang Yiming sneered coldly in response.

    He had tolerated He Shanshan and given her the role, yet he couldn't even decide to give a minor role to Lin Yan now?

    Where was his power and authority as a director?

    Upon seeing how unyielding Jiang Yiming was, Feng Anhua found himself in a dilemma. What should he do now?

    "Ahhh... Alright. If you insist, I can't do anything. However, you should consider this wisely, Director Jiang." He Shanshan snorted coldly as she whipped out her phone. She dialed Lin Shuya's number.

    When the call got through, He Shanshan retold the entire story to Lin Shuya softly.

    "Lin Yan..." When Lin Shuya heard the entire story, she hung up.

    She had never expected that He Shanshan would be so capable. She had incredibly clinched the role of the domineering president.

    Lin Shuya had merely lent her a hand. She hadn't put much effort into getting her a place at the audition. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    When she found out that Lin Yan had been chosen for a role and director Jiang Yiming had lavished praise on her, she became serious.

    Without any hesitation, Lin Shuya called the high-ranking employee she knew at Summit Entertainment.

    Summit Entertainment was a company of the JM Corporation, as well as the investor of 'Meeting One's Match'.

    "Brother Zhou... Yeah, that is the situation. I'm afraid I'll have to ask for your help."

    When Lin Shuya ended the call, a triumphant cold smile appeared on her face. "Lin Yan, let's see if Jiang Yiming will dare to use you!"


    At the same time, at the audition venue...

    The atmosphere was rather strained and tense when a middle-aged man wearing an impeccable suit opened the door.

    Feng Anhua hastily put on a fawning smile and stepped forward instantly. "Mr. Zhou! What brings you here?"

    This man was in charge of Summit Entertainment's investment projects.

    The middle-aged man walked over to Jiang Yiming and threw a glance at Lin Yan. Then, he turned his attention to Jiang Yiming and ordered him firmly, "This person is eliminated. She is not needed for another role."

    "What?" Jiang Yiming furrowed his eyebrows tightly.

    All the actresses felt a whole new level of respect for He Shanshan. How powerful was her backer?

    Lin Yan would not even be getting a minor role because He Shanshan had said no.

    "Mr. Zhou, listen to me..."

    Jiang Yiming was about to continue, when the man dismissed him with a wave. "I've made myself clear."

    Wang Qiaohui was gloating gleefully while He Shanshan folded her arms and threw a disdainful look at Lin Yan.

    In the end, Jiang Yiming gnashed his teeth but fell silent.

    The man glanced at Lin Yan indifferently. "Why are you still standing here? Leave now."

    'Lin Yan' remained motionless on the spot. Her pair of cold-looking eyes surveyed him fleetingly.

    "What are you looking at?" snapped the man coldly.

    "You're in charge of investments at Summit Entertainment... Zhou Feng," 'Lin Yan' replied, looking as if she was trying to recall an insignificant person.
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