28 Dismissed Immediately

    "Why? Is there a need for me to impersonate him?" Zhou Feng sneered.

    Soon, 'Lin Yan''s cold and aloof eyes landed slowly on the man's face. After taking her time, she said, "You've been abusing your power and taking bribes... I'm afraid that you'll be dismissed immediately from Summit Entertainment. You might as well head back to pack your stuff now."

    The moment 'Lin Yan' finished talking, everyone was dumbfounded. Then, the whole room roared with laughter.

    "Miss Lin, you must be too engrossed in your role. Do you really think you're the domineering president?"

    "It's quite hilarious that she's so engrossed in a role. I haven't seen anything like this before. Did she go crazy because of what happened?"

    The actresses were all laughing.

    Zhou Feng stifled a grin as he studied Lin Yan as if she was an idiot. "Are you running a fever? Or is there something wrong with your brain? Do you want to go have an examination at the hospital?"

    'Lin Yan' didn't reply. She just quietly took out her phone and began typing on it nonchalantly.

    "I'm talking to you. Are you deaf? Do you need me to lead you out?" Zhou Feng lashed out at Lin Yan when he saw that she was using her phone.

    "Answer your phone." 'Lin Yan' raised her head to glance at him.


    Zhou Feng sneered. He was about to retort, when his phone suddenly rang.

    His expression faltered a little when he saw the caller ID displayed on the screen. He immediately answered, "President Gao, please speak! Please speak!"

    No one could hear the conversation going on. However, the pupils of his eyes shrank violently as he spluttered, "What... I'm dismissed... You're asking me to pack my stuff and leave the company right now? Why? President Gao! President Gao!"

    When the phone call ended, he stood rooted to the spot.

    Everyone around him was equally shocked by this turn of events.

    Zhou Feng... had really been dismissed?

    Wang Qiaohui and He Shanshan's haughty expressions froze. They looked rather comical now.

    "You... You... You..." Zhou Feng's face flushed as he stared at Lin Yan in utter disbelief.

    What was going on?

    This woman had just said that he would be dismissed. One moment later, he had really gotten fired!

    What kind of sorcery was this?

    No way! He had to set things right and understand what was going on.

    Fuming, he slammed the door forcefully.

    Meanwhile, both Jiang Yiming and Feng Anhua were astounded and dumbstruck.

    What was happening?

    What Lin Yan had said had come true!

    What a coincidence!

    Wait... Why would Zhou Feng get dismissed so suddenly?

    Feng Anhua swallowed his saliva. "Old Jiang, we were wrong right from the start. He Shanshan has nothing to do with President Pei!"

    Of course, Jiang Yiming instantly understood as well. If she knew President Pei, why would Zhou Feng get fired?

    They had gotten the wrong idea. President Pei had to be incensed right now. That was why he had personally fired Zhou Feng!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.
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