36 I Have a Mental Disorder!

    Without hesitation, Lin Yan strode swiftly into the hall.

    "Miss Lin, your checkup appointment for your leg isn't today, right?"

    Lin Yan bumped into a nurse she was familiar with.

    She had been treating her leg for quite some time in this hospital. Hence, she had gotten close to some of the staff there.

    "Nope." Lin Yan shook her head as she glanced at the nurse. "I'm here for a consultation at the psychiatric ward."

    "The psychiatric ward?" The nurse looked puzzled.

    "I'll chat with you next time." Lin Yan bade her farewell hurriedly and headed towards He Ruiyuan's office. She was afraid of missing this opportunity to get a free consultation.

    Lin Yan had assumed that it wouldn't be easy to get the consultation. There might be loads of restrictions.

    However, she was wrong. There were no obstructions at all.

    Lin Yan didn't read too much into it. After all, He Ruiyuan was an expert in psychiatry and psychology, so there shouldn't be that many people there to seek treatment.


    Lin Yan knocked on the door of an office on the third floor.

    After being granted permission, she pushed the door to enter.

    "Are you Professor He?"

    Lin Yan recognized He Ruiyuan right away.

    "Have a seat." He pointed at the chair behind Lin Yan.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    "Hello, tell me more about your condition." He put on his spectacles before he glanced at her.

    "Professor He, I think that I have a mental disorder!" Lin Yan stared at He Ruiyuan as she whispered.

    He Ruiyuan chuckled when he heard her. "Did you diagnose yourself? It's not up to you to diagnose anything regarding your mental health. What's your family name?"

    "My family name is Lin," replied Lin Yan.

    "Hi, Miss Lin. Can you please elaborate on why you believe that you have a mental disorder?" The old man smiled at her.

    Lin Yan pondered this briefly before she spoke. "It's a long story, Professor He. Do you want me to start from the beginning and mention every detail?"

    He Ruiyuan replied, "Just the gist will do."

    "Alright." Lin Yan bowed her head as she said, "I lose consciousness often. During these periods, I do absurd stuff. I don't even know what I've done!"

    Lin Yan added quickly, "Professor He, I read that you cured a criminal suffering from dissociative identity disorder. I think that my condition is exactly like his. I must be sick mentally. I have dissociative identity disorder. My gut tells me that my other personality has a strong tendency to attack!"

    The old man rose and checked Lin Yan's eyes. After examining her, he sat down once more.

    "Miss Lin, don't worry too much. Your condition is very common. I don't think you are suffering from dissociative identity disorder. Your loss of memory must be due to recent stress and emotional upheavals," explained He Ruiyuan patiently.

    "Huh? Impossible!" Lin Yan looked bewildered, as he had merely checked her eyes... This checkup seemed too brief!

    "Ha ha... Miss Lin, if you don't believe me, you may proceed and have a more thorough checkup."

    "But the fees..."

    "It's all free today."

    "Okay, sure!" Lin Yan nodded like a little chick pecking at grains on the ground.
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