37 Drink More Warm Water

    Lin Yan trailed after He Ruiyuan out of the consultation room.

    In the next two hours, Lin Yan had no idea what the examination was about. They used all sorts of medical equipment on her, and she even had to answer a questionnaire.

    After the examination, Lin Yan followed He Ruiyuan back to the office.

    He perused the report in his hand and spoke to Lin Yan. "Miss Lin, according to the results of the report and my observation, you don't suffer from dissociative identity disorder. Eat less spicy food, relax a bit more, don't be too uptight, and drink more warm water."

    "But Professor He... I really don't feel well. I definitely have dissociative identity disorder. Can you examine me again?" Lin Yan eyed He Ruiyuan anxiously.

    "Miss Lin, you're too anxious. You need to respect science and me, as your doctor." He Ruiyuan frowned as he reiterated.

    "Professor He, I'm not saying that I don't trust science or you. I don't trust myself!" replied Lin Yan.

    "Ha ha... Miss Lin, since you know about that sensational criminal case of dissociative identity disorder, you must be aware of my authority and expertise in this field. If I say that this is not your problem, then it's not." He Ruiyuan smiled at her.

    "I still think that..." Lin Yan fretted, looking doubtful.

    "Miss Lin, why don't you seek another professional opinion?" concluded He Ruiyuan as he massaged his temples.

    "Do you mean other doctors? Is there anyone else who is more of an expert than you?" Lin Yan chimed in hastily.

    He managed a tiny smile. "I'm afraid not."

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    "Sorry for disturbing you."

    In the end, Lin Yan left, looking crestfallen and dejected.

    Could she be... possessed by a ghost?

    Lin Yan hurriedly quashed the horrifying idea in her head. If the leading expert in the psychiatric field, He Ruiyuan, said that nothing was wrong with her, then she had to be fine. She was probably really tired.


    After Lin Yan left, the old man picked up his phone and dialed a number.

    "Mr. Pei, I've done what you asked me to do. Yes, Miss Lin didn't suspect anything. Yes, her health is fine, except for some old ailments. She is generally healthy."


    Outside the hospital building...

    Lin Yan spotted the young man a short distance away the moment she stepped out of the hospital.

    Pei Yutang was squatting as he leaned against a bright red Ferrari.

    Lin Yan studied the car briefly and immediately realized that this car had been modified.

    Pei Yutang seemed to be a racing car fanatic.

    Lin Yan walked over to him and said, "Third Young Master Pei, listen to me..."

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    Pei Yutang glanced at Lin Yan and grinned, revealing rows of pearly white teeth. "Want me to listen to your explanation? Sure! Get in first!"

    "Okay..." Lin Yan, who didn't read much into it, opened the door and got in.

    Pei Yutang glanced at the girl inside the car and smirked slyly.

    He would teach this woman a lesson today!


    A pleasant ignition sound was heard.

    As soon as Lin Yan got in the car, he started the engine. The red Ferrari sped off at lightning speed...
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