51 Her Luck Was Bursting

    After Lin Yan and Wang Jingyang left with the movers, Wang Jingyang collapsed on the floor and wailed at the top of her lungs.

    "That b*tch... She is an evil, callous b*tch..."

    He Shanshan had earlier watched as the movers had taken away her beloved dressing table and cabinets. They had even torn the pretty wallpaper from the walls, leaving behind bumps and holes. She could feel anger bubbling in the pit of her stomach. She was about to go mad. "I will never let her get away with this!"

    "That's right! We can't sit and do nothing! Call Shuya immediately. That b*tch had the nerve to turn against us!"

    He Shanshan took out her phone and called Lin Shuya.

    "Hello, Sister Shuya..."

    He Shanshan immediately started rattling on endlessly when the call got through. "Sister Shuya, you have to help me. I almost died of anger because of Lin Yan! She brought a group of fierce people here today. Then, she took all our furniture and emptied our house. My mother almost collapsed because of her!"

    "Lin Yan stole your belongings?"

    "Yes! Sister Shuya, do you know how shameless she was today? She literally robbed us in broad daylight like a thief!"

    "Oh, is that so? Is she so desperate and poor now?"

    Lin Shuya didn't care if He Shanshan and her mother were bullied. She cared more about Lin Yan's actions.

    Lin Yan had always taken good care of them. She had never expected that she would fall out with them completely.

    However, she could understand that Lin Yan was like a dog who had fallen into a river. She would do anything to get out.

    When Wang Qiaohui shot He Shanshan a meaningful look, He Shanshan continued. "Of course, it doesn't matter if we get bullied. What's most important, Sister Shuya, is that she doesn't even care about you at all. You helped me clinch that supporting role. It was meant to be mine. However, in the end, she stole it from me! Sister Shuya, how can you stomach this humiliation?"

    Lin Shuya had heard what had happened during the audition.

    She hadn't expected Zhou Feng to get dismissed so suddenly. Lin Yan had suddenly ended up clinching the supporting role.

    "Sister Shuya, do you reckon that Lin Yan has found a backer? Otherwise, why would Zhou Feng be sacked at that particular time? It was too much of a coincidence..." He Shanshan tried to probe further.

    Lin Shuya sneered softly and drawled, "You think too highly of her. I've asked around. Zhou Feng was sacked because someone found evidence of him violating the company's policies. It had nothing to do with Lin Yan."

    He Shanshan nodded hurriedly. "No wonder! This was merely luck!"

    On the other end of the line, a thought struck Lin Shuya and her expression darkened.

    Lin Yan's luck had been good recently...

    "Sister Shuya, you must think of a way. You can't let her get the role! Are you going to allow her to step on you?" He Shanshan said anxiously.

    Lin Shuya got upset when she heard that. She certainly wouldn't allow Lin Yan to have any chance of getting back on her feet.

    However, that movie was produced by Summit Entertainment. Now that Zhou Feng had been sacked, she had no connections to change the production team's decision.

    The real power behind Summit Entertainment was the massive, powerful conglomerate called JM corporation.

    Lin Shuya, who wasn't really bothered by this matter, quipped casually, "Why are you so anxious? Even if she really clinched it, she has to make sure she is capable enough to hold onto it!"

    There were too many ways for her to destroy Lin Yan. It was easier than stamping on an ant.

    He Shanshan, who sensed that Lin Shuya was about to take action against Lin Yan, was delighted. "That's right, Sister Shuya. Even though she managed to clinch that role, you could make her quit!"
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