52 Youve Gone Crazy!

    At Maple River Residences...

    Lin Yan instructed the movers to place everything inside her new apartment.

    She had personally selected this furniture and these ornaments, so she really liked them. Once she cleaned up her place and added more decorations, it would look cozy and warm.

    Although it couldn't be compared to her previous place, at least she wouldn't have to stay under someone else's roof. She would have a place she could call home.

    However, Lin Yan suddenly thought of something and sat down on the armchair. She looked gloomy and unhappy as she sighed to herself repeatedly.

    Wang Jingyang glanced at her and guessed that she was depressed. Thus, he went over and comforted her. "Don't be too sad over your aunt and cousin. They don't deserve it. Just don't keep in touch with them..."

    Lin Yan sighed as she squeezed her wrists. "Pup, I'm so angry! Why did I have to be so pretentious and pay the workers twice the fee? I incurred such a huge loss!"

    Wang Jingyang was speechless. "That's why you looked so sad?"

    Lin Yan blinked at him. "Why? Can't I be sad over money that I've wasted?"

    Wang Jingyang was speechless!

    He had almost forgotten how crazy she was about money...

    Wang Jingyang was about to talk when suddenly a news article popped up on his screen.

    He glanced at his phone casually. A moment later, his expression changed. "What the... Lin Yan... You've caused another scandal!"

    Lin Yan didn't look too bothered. "I'm already in hiding. Why would I cause a scandal? Who would remember me?"

    "Look at it yourself!" Wang Jingyang stuffed his phone into her hands.

    Lin Yan took his phone, looking doubtful.

    She almost slipped off the couch in fright when she read the article headline.

    'The malignant tumor of the entertainment industry called Lin Yan has risen from the ashes. She had a rendezvous with award-winning actor Pei Nanxu late at night!'

    "What the hell!" The phone started slipping from Lin Yan's grip. "I... Pei Nanxu and I?"

    Lin Yan had never once thought that her name would appear next to Pei Nanxu's in a scandal in this lifetime.

    Wang Jingyang glanced at her with pity in his eyes. "I wanted to ask you about what happened between you and Pei Nanxu earlier. You're dead this time. Pei Nanxu's fans are notorious for being fierce and vicious. I reckon I won't be able to collect your corpse with all your limbs intact..."

    Lin Yan stood rooted to the spot as she read the entire article. Then, she quickly clicked on the picture.

    The picture of the article had been taken the night she had been drunk, when Pei Nanxu and Pei Yucheng had taken her home.

    Fortunately, only she and Pei Nanxu had been captured in the picture.

    If Pei Yucheng's photo had been taken, she would really have been shredded to pieces.


    These paparazzi were really everywhere...

    Wang Jingyang eyed Lin Yan. "So, what's happening between you and Pei Nanxu? Based on the picture, the two of you seem to be pretty intimate! You told me you had a boyfriend that night and then you went inside Pei Nanxu's car. Don't tell me that your boyfriend is Pei Nanxu?"

    Lin Yan appeared horrified. "What the... Are you insane? I was drunk that day and Pei Nanxu helped me because he is a kind person. He didn't know where I stayed, so he merely took me in for the night."

    Wang Jingyang rolled his eyes at her. "Come on! How can you get drunk so easily given your high tolerance for alcohol? Pei Nanxu helped you because you were drunk? He is a famous celebrity! I think you must either be dreaming, or you've gone crazy!"
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