54 Deadly Production

    Who wasn't aware of the viciousness and ferocity of Pei Nanxu's fans? Any female actress who dared to use his name in a scandal to boost her popularity would basically be committing suicide.

    Thus, this person obviously wanted Lin Yan dead!

    Zhao Hongling spoke in an icy tone. "I've already warned you before that your sister can't be trusted."

    "I know..."

    How could she not know when things had reached this stage?

    Lin Yan sighed again. "Sister Ling, about what happened before... I'm sorry..."

    "There is nothing you should be sorry about. She is your sister, so it's natural that you would trust her."

    Zhao Hongling paused and fell silent. Then, she suddenly asked, "I heard that you auditioned for Jiang Yiming's movie?"

    Lin Yan nodded. "Yeah..."

    "I shall not ask how you managed to snag the opportunity to get an audition... It didn't occur to me that you would even dare to go to the audition!" Zhao Hongling spoke in a tone that was mingled with pity and empathy.

    "Errr... This movie... What's wrong with it?" asked Lin Yan.

    Zhao Hongling's tone had made her uneasy once more.

    Zhao Hongling drawled, "Do you know who the rest of the male supporting actors are?"

    Lin Yan frowned. "I didn't pay much attention. I only know that Pei Nanxu is the male lead!"

    After all, she hadn't even planned to audition for this part. It had all happened because 'someone' had possessed her...

    "Sister Ling, who are the other actors?" asked Lin Yan.

    Zhao Hongling spoke in an unhurried manner. "Shen Chaomu..."

    Lin Yan froze at the mention of that name. "What? Damn it!"

    Wasn't he an actor who had been involved in a scandal with her?

    Zhao Hongling continued. "Wei Fengxu."

    Lin Yan exclaimed. "No... It can't be!"

    She had used his name to boost her popularity!

    Zhao Hongling then said, "Tang Jiaye."

    Lin Yan responded, "Ahh..."

    She had been in a scandal with him too!

    As Lin Yan listened to Zhao Hongling recite all the names, she was dumbstruck.

    "Are you serious? If we add in Pei Nanxu, this... this is a deadly production!" Lin Yan was in a state of disbelief.

    "You only realized this now?" Zhao Hongling said lazily before delivering the final blow. "Oh right, there is one more. Han Yixuan will be making a cameo."

    Lin Yan was going nuts. "Ha ha..."

    Where was the knife?

    She had to kill herself!

    Lin Yan grabbed the knife on the table. Wang Jingyang, who had been staring at her, gripped her hand tightly. "Calm down, calm down! Don't do anything rash!"

    Zhao Hongling, who seemed to have predicted Lin Yan's reaction, said, "Luck and misfortune are interdependent. Actually, it's not impossible to make a comeback. True, this movie might banish you to hell forever, but it is also your best chance to get back on your feet. As long as you are determined to work hard!"

    Lin Yan, who had sunk into this massive pool of grievous news, couldn't snap out of it.

    Zhao Hongling quipped, "What is wrong? What are you thinking about?"

    Lin Yan inhaled deeply before she answered, "I was thinking... Can I request something from the director?"

    Zhao Hongling snorted coldly. "Request something? Are you getting afraid? Do you want to quit?"

    Lin Yan blurted out, "I want extra pay!"

    Zhao Hongling was speechless...

    Lin Yan said, "I'm shooting this movie by putting my life at stake. Don't I deserve more pay?"

    Zhao Hongling was speechless...
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