55 Think of How to Save Your Life

    "I feel that it's more important to be thinking of how to save your life instead of thinking about money."

    Zhao Hongling fell silent for some time before she gave her constructive suggestions.

    Lin Yan mulled this over quietly. She realized miserably that it was quite true...

    Those actors that Zhao Hongling had mentioned, along with Pei Nanxu, would rally all the female fans in the entertainment industry against her...

    The thought alone was exciting enough.

    She had a hunch that even her bones would be devoured!

    She had once been a fan herself, so she knew how crazy and determined they could be.

    Don't mention those female fans, even she felt like shredding herself to pieces now.

    Actually, Lin Yan had realized what had happened.

    Lin Shuya had schemed and racked her brains as she'd planned to get her involved in scandals with those actors. Then, when her reputation had been tarnished, it wouldn't matter if she tried to expose Lin Shuya and Han Yixuan's affair. Nobody would believe her, even if she was speaking the truth. No one would believe that she had been Han Yixuan's actual girlfriend.

    Right now, Lin Shuya wouldn't even allow her to get a supporting role. She had used Pei Nanxu to attack her.

    "Where are you staying now?" asked Zhao Hongling.

    "I just moved to a new place today. No one knows about it," replied Lin Yan.

    Zhao Hongling nodded and said, "That's good. Be careful when you head out these days. It has barely been an hour since your scandal with Pei Nanxu hit the headlines, yet your Weibo account has been attacked by 30,000 posts. Shen Chaomu, Tang Jiaye, and Han Yixuan's fans will soon be getting ready. You better be prepared..."

    Lin Yan felt desperate. "Oh... I'll be careful..."

    She felt like she was in a city which had been besieged by zombies.

    Actually, she could guess as much without Zhao Hongling's reminder.

    She remembered an actress who had used Pei Nanxu to create a scandal once. In the end, she had been ripped apart by his fans. Even now, people would still scold her on Weibo several times a day.

    This time, she had infuriated all the fans in the entertainment industry!

    Zhao Hongling said solemnly, "I've already approached Pei Nanxu's company to come up with an announcement that the two of you met by coincidence.

    However, this announcement might not be that effective in appeasing the fans. Especially now, when you will be entering the same production as Pei Nanxu. Everyone will be watching your every step, waiting for you to stumble."

    Zhao Hongling reminded her sternly, "Therefore, I have to remind you again. Other than when you are filming your scenes, you need to stay away from Pei Nanxu and avoid him at all costs. You're not allowed to go within ten steps from him!"

    Acting with her idol was such a rare opportunity, yet she had to keep her distance from him. Could there be a bigger tragedy than this?

    However, for the sake of her idol's reputation, Lin Yan nodded with a sorrowful expression. "Don't worry, I will hide and keep my distance from him!"

    Zhao Hongling didn't seem entirely assured as she instructed her. "Not just from Pei Nanxu. You have to keep your distance from all the male actors!"

    The corners of Lin Yan's mouth twitched. "Okay..."

    Every female fan in the entertainment industry would treat her as their enemy. What kind of sins had she committed?
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