56 Wishing You Luck!

    "How did you manage to land this role?" asked Zhao Hongling in a doubtful tone.

    Based on Lin Yan's acting portfolio, she shouldn't even have qualified for the audition.

    Lin Yan replied helplessly, "I'll be honest. I got this role accidentally..."

    Zhao Hongling was speechless. "Your luck is indeed good."

    After all, it was a supporting role, so she could really have gotten it by getting lucky.

    "Anyway, remember what I said earlier. It's the only way to save your life." Zhao Hongling nagged her once again.

    "Got it. I'll be mindful." As Lin Yan heard her reminders, warmth crept all over her heart. She couldn't help but blurt out, "Sister Ling, thank you! I really can't thank you enough... I didn't believe that you would still call me..."

    Zhao Hongling quipped, "Don't read too much into this. I have groomed many artists ever since I started doing this job. You're the only blot on my resume. I merely wanted to erase it."

    Lin Yan choked on her words. "Oh..."

    Then, she thought to herself, 'Sorry, Sister Ling...'


    After Zhao Hongling hung up, Lin Yan lay down on the couch, looking as though there was nothing meaningful in her life anymore.

    Wang Jingyang, who had overheard the entire conversation, patted her shoulders in a sympathetic manner. "You must be the first person in history who rallied all the female fans in the entertainment industry against you. I have no idea what I'm supposed to say. Except... I wish you luck!"

    Lin Yan, who suddenly thought of something, straightened up and sat up anxiously. She peered intently at Wang Jingyang. "Don't just wish me luck! I need your help!"

    "What kind of help do you need?"

    "I definitely can't go out right now. Can I trouble you to buy some stuff for me?"

    "I can help you get your daily necessities. Why do you have to stare at me in such a scary manner?" Wang Jingyang rubbed his palms together.

    Lin Yan shook her head. "No, no. I don't want daily necessities. I need... a peach wooden sword... copper coins... and a divine trigram to ward off evil. Oh yeah! I also need garlic! Buy some of that..."

    Wang Jingyang's expression was indescribable as he extended his hand to touch her head. "What is happening to you? Are you really going nuts after being provoked?"

    Lin Yan pushed his hand away. "Never mind me. You have to get everything that I've listed quickly! I need these things!"

    Wang Jingyang was speechless!

    Besides what Lin Yan had just said, she also rattled on a long list of weird and strange items.

    The corners of Wang Jingyang's mouth twitched. "What are you up to? Are you performing a ritual at home?"

    Lin Yan gave him a deadly glare. "Nonsense! Do I look like someone who believes in rituals? I'm a firm believer in science! Oh right, buy some more garlic."

    Wang Jingyang was speechless!

    "Hurry up! Go now! I need all this... for my role. It's urgent!" Lin Yan urged him.

    "Where shall I get all this stuff for you..."

    Wang Jingyang had no choice but to head out to get the items.

    When he left, Lin Yan rummaged through her belongings for her books on acting and performing and began to read them.

    She had already digested those theories and concepts. What she needed to do was apply them and practice.

    In the past, Lin Shuya and Han Yixuan had misled her. Thus, she had focused on the quantity of the productions she had participated in and neglected what was more important for an actress- acting skills and capability.

    If she'd had the determination and skills, as well as a good portfolio, and had not gotten involved in so many lousy productions, she wouldn't have been facing this crisis right now.

    The temporary popularity she had gained from those forgettable and lousy roles had vanished too easily.

    Fortunately, acting wasn't that hard. She might be a little unsteady at first, but after she got the knack of it, it would be rather simple.

    Thus, what she needed now was to wait for Pei Yutang to get the videos.

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