59 He Overestimated Her IQ

    At Maple River Residences...

    Wang Jingyang went shopping the entire day and finally came back with bulging bags.

    "Lin Yan, the stuff you wanted is here. Come and take a look..."

    "Great!" Lin Yan cast away her book and leaped to her feet.

    She opened the bags one by one. Wang Jingyang had gotten everything on her list.

    Lin Yan hugged each item and admired them as though they were her precious babies.

    She wondered which of these would work.

    Forget it, she would use everything!

    Lin Yan began to decorate her apartment. She hung the peach wooden sword and the divine trigram and pasted talismans all over the house. She strung all the cloves of garlic together and hung them around her neck.

    Wang Jingyang looked at her with a bizarre, bewildered expression. "Are you acting like a... priest?"

    Lin Yan didn't reply as she passed a yellow talisman to Wang Jingyang. "Pup, come over. Help me paste this on my forehead. It must be right in the middle. Put it properly!"

    Wang Jingyang asked, "Are you serious?"

    Lin Yan quipped, "Very serious! Hurry up!"

    Wang Jingyang took a deep breath and walked towards her helplessly. He took the piece of coarse-looking talisman and said, "I really am..."

    "Come on, come on, come on..." Lin Yan closed her eyes and pointed to her head impatiently.

    Wang Jingyang was speechless!

    Other girls would close their eyes before him in hopes of getting a kiss, yet she was making him do this.

    Wang Jingyang looked as though he was resigned to his fate. He tore away a layer of the tape and his palm aimed right at Lin Yan's forehead...

    Just as Wang Jingyang's hand was about to touch Lin Yan, she raised her tiny hand and grabbed his wrist.


    A sharp pang of pain stabbed Wang Jingyang, making him yelp. "F*ck! It's painful! Let go of me! Let go! Lin Yan, what are you doing?"

    'Lin Yan' opened her eyes slowly, revealing a pair of lifeless, cold eyes.

    'Lin Yan''s eyes landed on Wang Jingyang's face and narrowed dangerously. Then, her eyes darted to Wang Jingyang's hand and the talisman he was holding...

    It was made of coarse yellow paper, and there was some illegible handwriting in red ink on it...

    Soon, 'Lin Yan' surveyed the entire place soundlessly. Her eyes traveled to the wooden sword, the trigram and the talismans around the house. Finally, she stared at the garlic around her neck.

    'Lin Yan''s mouth curled into a tiny smile. She inhaled deeply and massaged her temples.

    Indeed... He had overestimated her IQ...

    While Pei Yucheng was conscious again, he discovered that...

    His consciousness was beyond his control and had flitted once more to Lin Yan's body.

    Soon, he saw the weird objects in the apartment...

    Pei Yucheng chanced a guess that the lass might have treated him as something else. His feelings were indescribable.

    Wang Jingyang gripped his wrist and grumbled unhappily. "Oi, Lin Yan! Didn't you ask me to put the talisman on you? What's wrong with you again?"

    Pei Yucheng studied him for a second. "Do you have a cigarette?"

    Wang Jingyang, who felt that she seemed different, was stumped as he asked, "Cigarette? When did you start smoking?"
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