61 Let Me Take Another Look


    Soon, Pei Yutang sent several messages.

    'This Car Isn't Going To Kindergarten' replied, 'Big Brother, I realize my mistake!'

    'This Car Isn't Going To Kindergarten' typed, 'Big Brother, please forgive me!'

    'This Car Isn't Going To Kindergarten' typed, 'Big Brother, I merely wanted to take Sister-In-Law for a spin to unwind! Our speed would be less than 30km/h!'

    'This Car Isn't Going To Kindergarten' went on to type, 'Big Brother, I wish both you and Sister-In-Law a blissful, happy life together until a ripe old age, and I hope that the two of you will have plenty of children soon! Big Brother, in my heart, you and my sister-in-law are a perfect match made in Heaven! You are soulmates! I will never be against the idea of you getting together with Sister-In-Law! From now on, she is my sister-in-law!'

    'This Car Isn't Going To Kindergarten' typed, 'Big Brother, I shall not disturb the two of you. Please go ahead... and go back to sleep...'

    Pei Yucheng ignored Pei Yutang as his gaze fell on Lin Yan's account name and profile picture...

    It was Pei Nanxu's photo...

    Her account name included Pei Nanxu's name as well...

    If Lin Yan had been conscious right now, she would have been terrified by the gloomy, menacing expression on her own face...


    When Lin Yan woke up once more, she abruptly found herself in an unfamiliar yet also strangely familiar place again.

    This... Wasn't this Pei Yucheng's mansion?

    She remembered coming here previously!

    She had been in her own apartment a minute ago, yet now she was here?

    "Where is this place?"

    "This... This place looks so familiar."

    "Damn it! Isn't this President Pei's house? Hey, you've gone overboard! Why do you keep clinging on to him? Can't you pick someone else?"


    This time, Lin Yan was truly spooked.

    This was the third time this happened. Something was definitely wrong with her!

    Lin Yan messed up her hair and blurted out in an aggressive manner, "I don't care what you are! I've already figured everything out. Those immoral, despicable men are all good-looking, and those heartless jerks are all handsome and charming. The more good-looking something is, the more poisonous it is.

    No matter how independent or strong or capable you are, you are dead once you become obsessed with appearances! I advise you to turn back while it's still early. Why don't we cooperate happily and earn money together instead?"

    "The abyss of worldly suffering has no end, and this world is an illusion. Turn around while you still have time..."

    While Lin Yan was nagging incessantly in an effort to brainwash herself, her eyes swept past the door and fell on the couch in the middle of the living room.

    There were French windows behind the couch, and the huge swimming pool was glittering like jewels in the sunlight.

    Pei Yucheng's eyes were shut as he rested on the couch.

    The man seemed to have just returned from the pool, as he was wearing a loose bathrobe that revealed his chest and abs. The mottled sunlight shone on him, making him look like he was fast asleep at the bottom of the ocean...

    At that moment, Lin Yan felt that everything in life was as transient as a fleeting cloud...

    The human world was...

    Lin Yan's expression froze abruptly before she muttered, "Wait, wait, wait! Forget it, don't go back now! Let me take another look!"

    Lin Yan was exasperated. She almost crumbled when she realized what she had just said. "You can't blame me! Who could resist that man?"

    Lin Yan retracted her gaze and decided to flee before Pei Yucheng woke up.

    She dashed to the main entrance and turned the doorknob. However, it wouldn't open.

    Lin Yan had no choice but to look for alternative escape routes through a back door...

    Hence, Lin Yan treaded carefully back.

    The garden door was behind Pei Yucheng. Lin Yan moved stealthily as she walked in that direction. While she was walking past Pei Yucheng, who was lying on the couch, she accidentally tripped over something. Unfortunately, she had to fall on... Pei Yucheng's body of all places...
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