62 Good Afternoon, Miss Lin



    Why was she always the one getting hurt?

    Lin Yan's sorrow was like a river turning against the current. She used all her determination to resist the temptation and scrambled hastily to get back on her feet.

    At the moment, she only had one thought. She had to flee before Pei Yucheng woke up!

    Lin Yan straightened her back and got ready to sprint. However, a second later, a hand tightened its grip around her waist in a forcible, forceful manner.

    She fell and collapsed once more...

    Lin Yan's head hit the man's chest, and the top of her head hit the man's chin.

    Her body turned stiff immediately.

    She could feel a soft, light sensation on her forehead...

    The kiss was as light as a feather as it brushed against her forehead. The man's deep, manly voice sounded seductive in her ears.

    "Good afternoon, Miss Lin."



    Lin Yan's brain exploded like fireworks with a terrific bang.

    Perhaps she had been a racer for far too long. She had always been surrounded by men, machines and engines. She had grown numb to men as time went by and merely treated them as brothers.

    She had never treated Wang Jingyang as a man either. Even Pei Nanxu was just a celebrity she revered and idolized.

    Han Yixuan had frequently complained that she wasn't feminine enough and didn't know anything about romance.

    All these years, she had met all kinds of good-looking men. However, this was the first time a man made her heart, which was as hard as steel, race like an 18-year-old young girl's!

    The man looked sleepy and relaxed, and his eyes reflected her blushing face.

    Lin Yan felt as though a crack had appeared in her brain, revealing a strange, wonderful illusion.

    This man's smell... Why was it so familiar?

    It felt really familiar... As though she had known this man... for a really... really long time...

    Lin Yan entered a daze for quite some time before she realized that she was still leaning on the man's body.

    Pei Yucheng stayed in this position patiently as he supported her waist gently to prevent her from falling.

    His hands, which were on her waist, were stroking her as though he was comforting a frightened little bunny. He gently caressed her...

    Lin Yan felt as though he was holding on to her softest, weakest part. However, she was perfectly willing. She had chosen to rely on him entirely.

    Lin Yan jerked her head violently in a bid to wake herself up.

    She twisted her body with force and slipped and fell to the floor. Then, she brushed off her bum and scrambled to her feet swiftly.

    She immediately knelt down on the couch to seek his forgiveness. "President Pei, Sorry... I'm sorry..."

    What excuse should she come up with today?

    Lin Yan's mind whirred rapidly...

    'Actually, this happened because..."

    "It's because... because..."

    "Oh yeah! Because of Pei Yutang!"

    "He asked me to look for him! He said that he was here and gave me the password to enter!" Lin Yan began to pick up momentum as she spun the lie. "In the end... I accidentally tripped and I fell on you. I am sorry for disrupting your rest!"

    Pei Yucheng sat up slowly, looking rather impressed. "You've improved."

    Lin Yan blinked. "Huh? I've improved?"

    "Your explanation was well-constructed and logical this time," Pei Yucheng remarked.

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    Indeed, he still didn't believe her!

    He didn't believe the truth or the lie!

    She was in a predicament...
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