63 There Is a Way to Avoid Compensation

    If she wanted to stay alive and not be thrown into prison, she would have to create a persona who was 'deeply in love with him'.

    Lin Yan continued to stay calm as she said, "I'm telling the truth... I looked for Pei Yutang because... I wanted to find out more about you from him... I didn't mean to offend..."

    As Lin Yan spoke, her eyes landed on the man's naked chest. She couldn't stop herself from stammering. "Off... offend... you..."

    Pei Yucheng wrapped the bathrobe around him considerately and said patiently, "Continue."

    Lin Yan finally managed to compose herself as she said, "President Pei, I'm extremely sorry for any psychological harm I have caused you. But... I... I'm really poor... I don't have any money..."

    Pei Yucheng replied, "So?"

    Lin Yan suggested, "How about... I kneel down and kowtow to seek your forgiveness?"

    Pei Yucheng chuckled softly. "I don't need such compensation."

    Lin Yan looked sullen. "Alright then. I knew that it wouldn't be of any use even if I hit my head against the ground until I bled. However, I don't know how else to seek your forgiveness and compensate you for your losses..."

    Pei Yucheng's eyes gleamed as he watched her quietly. His eyes were like a deep ocean, unfathomable and mysterious. "There is another way to avoid compensation."

    Lin Yan's eyes sparkled immediately as she probed cautiously. "Another way? What is it?"

    Pei Yucheng was an unfathomable, mysterious man. Hence, every time she spoke to him, she was on tenterhooks.

    Pei Yucheng didn't reply. He paused for a while before he said, "Can I ask you a question, Miss Lin?"

    Lin Yan hastily nodded. "Of course! Please ask away!"

    Pei Yucheng asked, "Miss Lin... do you like me?"

    Lin Yan was too stumped to form any words.

    This question...

    She wanted to sort things out between them, but she couldn't say that she didn't like him. If she did, then her behavior would be deemed perverted and she would be jailed a hundred times.

    What if she said that she liked Pei Yucheng and had tried to get close to him because she wanted to court him. That sounded plausible...

    Fortunately, the pervert who possessed her hadn't stalked Pei Yucheng to the bathroom...

    Hence, Lin Yan had to trample on her pride and ego. She prepared herself emotionally before she put on an expression of admiration and deep love. "Certainly! Like I said before, I've fallen for you, President Pei, ever since I first saw you!

    Those who say that the stars are beautiful have never seen your eyes! Those who say that the spring breeze is warm have never seen your smile! Those who say that candy is sweet must have never heard your voice! If I didn't see you for a day, my blood sugar level would decrease!"

    Worried that she didn't sound sincere enough, Lin Yan added, "If I could date you, I would die without any regrets!"

    Pei Yucheng's smile widened like a series of undulating ripples. "Your speech has touched me greatly, Miss Lin."

    Lin Yan blinked her eyes as she watched him. She thought of a popular saying that was circulating online. People were 'extremely touched' right before they rejected someone.

    Just as Lin Yan's imagination started running wild, she heard Pei Yucheng's deep, masculine voice that sounded like a cello.

    "If that's the case... I can date you, Miss Lin."

    Lin Yan was speechless!

    When the man finished his sentence, Lin Yan raised her head, astounded and shocked. Her face was ashen. She had never imagined that Pei Yucheng would agree.

    So that was what it felt like to be hit by a thunderbolt.

    Damn it... She had played with fire...
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