65 Stay Calm, Dont Shatter the Persona!

    Lin Yan had used all her acting skills to portray how happy she was.

    She could only console herself by thinking that at least she wouldn't have to die today.

    "I... Can I make a tiny request? Because of my job, our relationship may have to be kept a secret from others." Lin Yan composed herself and regained a small part of her rationality. She brought up the most important point first.

    "Your job and life won't be affected at all. I wouldn't interfere with your affairs," Pei Yucheng promised. "Anything else?"

    Lin Yan felt guilty when Pei Yucheng spoke so considerately. "There is nothing else... as of now..."

    This boyfriend had appeared out of nowhere... like a tornado...

    Her next goal in life, other than earning money, would be to break up with Pei Yucheng!

    She had been losing control of her body lately, so she might attempt something atrocious at any time.

    What if she went to look for other men?

    How was this dating thing going to...

    She was obviously putting herself through an ordeal to stay alive!

    Besides, she didn't want to be in a relationship at all!

    After what had happened with Han Yixuan, she had realized that dating didn't suit her at all. She was already mentally prepared that she wouldn't enter a relationship for the rest of her life.

    Plus, dating cost a lot of money...

    To be honest, she knew that she wasn't very likable as a girl. She'd had enough of hiding her claws and pandering to others.

    Unlike Lin Shuya, she wasn't fashionable or well-dressed. Lin Shuya had always been a lovable, pleasant and frail-looking girl in other people's eyes. Lin Yan couldn't act like an innocent, gentle girl that was waiting for a man to show her the world.

    Lin Shuya had a horde of fans, including both males and females.

    Everyone complimented Lin Shuya for being innocent and lovely and left comments online. They said that their mother's heart had melted, wondered how such a lovely and beautiful girl could exist in this world, expressed their wish to protect Shuya for the rest of their life, and so on.

    All the hard work and effort she had made couldn't be compared to a drop of Lin Shuya's tears or her sweet words.

    Thus, at the thought of this, she realized that...

    It should be easy to break up with Pei Yucheng, right?

    She should be able to extricate herself within the next few days! She might not need to do anything at all.

    Lin Yan's mood improved marginally at this thought.

    Just as Lin Yan's thoughts wandered away, Pei Yucheng's voice interrupted her. "Miss Lin, did you bring your phone?"

    Lin Yan snapped back to reality. "Yes, I have my phone. Why?"

    Sunlight streamed in from the huge French windows. The man was sitting on the couch, his eyes looking a little warmer as a result. "Nothing much. I just thought that I should know my girlfriend's number."

    "Ahem... Cough, cough, cough..." Lin Yan blushed furiously.

    How could this man melt her heart of steel so easily with just a few words?

    Even her firm priority to make money had almost been corroded.

    This was really scary...

    Lin Yan, who couldn't quite adapt to her new status, looked overwhelmed as she passed him her phone.

    Pei Yucheng entered his number on her phone and dialed his own number. Thus, the exchange of numbers was completed.

    Then, Pei Yucheng asked for her WeChat account.

    Lin Yan agreed readily. However, just as she was about to click on it, something struck her and she froze.

    She had used Pei Nanxu's name as her WeChat name. She had even used his picture as a profile picture.

    She had declared and sworn that she liked Pei Yucheng, but all evidence pointed to his younger brother...

    What if Pei Yucheng saw this...

    Sh*t, her persona would shatter!
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