66 Misty City Amid the Setting Sun

    What should she do...

    Her life was so tragic. Why did she feel like she had been charging past the gates of hell recently?

    Lin Yan hurriedly interjected, "Eh! What happened to my phone? It seems like it turned off. Something is wrong. Give me a moment..."

    Suddenly, she noticed the conversation between her and Pei Yutang.


    She had even sent an ambiguous message to Pei Yutang when she had lost consciousness? That would lead to a misunderstanding.


    And... And what was up with the videos?

    Pei Yutang had sent her several videos, including some that had been taken... while Pei Yucheng was clad only in his swimming shorts...

    The rest of the videos were pretty normal. He had taken videos of Pei Yucheng at work and during daily activities. Every video looked as though it had been taken at a fashion show or on the set of a movie. She could use any photo as a wallpaper as well.

    Now that Lin Yan's life was hanging by a thread, she couldn't care less.

    Lin Yan swiftly cropped a picture of the man standing in front of the windows while the setting sun cast a glow on him. She set that as her profile picture.

    Then, she quickly racked her brains for words and phrases. She changed her original username to 'Misty City Amid The Setting Sun'.

    Within seconds, Lin Yan completed this whole sequence of actions. Then, she clicked on her QR code and said, "It's... It's fine now... You can add me..."

    Pei Yucheng looked as if he hadn't noticed that anything was amiss. He raised his phone and scanned her code.

    Lin Yan held her breath as she waited for Pei Yucheng's response.

    Naturally, Pei Yucheng saw Lin Yan's picture and name. He certainly recognized himself in the photo and deciphered the meaning of 'Misty City Amid The Setting Sun'.

    In a few seconds, she had done so much...

    He should consider re-evaluating her IQ...

    The man remained nonchalant, but his lips curled unconsciously.

    The gloom swirling in his eyes dissipated considerably.

    Soon, Lin Yan approved Pei Yucheng's friend request and they were both listed in each other's account.

    Pei Yucheng didn't seem to use WeChat often. He had used his original name, and his profile photo was a JM Corporation logo.

    After everything was settled, Lin Yan heaved a long sigh of relief. She stole a glance at him as she coughed softly. "I... I didn't have a photo of you... so this... was taken by Third Young Master..."

    She resembled a woman who had fallen helplessly in love.

    After Lin Yan spoke, she couldn't help but admire her performance. It was so believable that she almost believed that she had fallen in love.

    Staying alive had been hard for her...
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