68 Going Home For a Meal

    After getting home, Lin Yan took a shower and rested for a while. It had been an exhausting, tough day.

    Then, she lay in bed with her phone to unwind and relax.

    Shortly, her phone rang suddenly.

    Lin Yan glanced at the screen and immediately answered the call.

    "Hello, Mom!"

    "Xiaoyan, are you free tonight? Your grandfather asked us to go home for a meal." Lin Yan's mother spoke over the phone.

    "Grandfather asked us to go back for a meal?"

    Although Lin Yan's expression faltered a little, she still replied, "Okay, sure. I'll head over to your place later."

    After Lin Yan hung up, she scrambled out of her bed.

    After her mother and father had divorced, they had been ostracized by her mother's family. This animosity had lasted until recently, when their relationship had improved slightly.

    Lin Yan certainly knew why.

    After her father, Lin Yuetong, and her mother, He Muyun, had gotten married, they had relied on her maternal grandfather's support and money before becoming rich themselves. Thus, her grandfather had trusted her father.

    Gradually, Lin Yuetong had taken off thanks to her grandfather's funding and money and devoured his most profitable entertainment company.

    As a result, her grandfather's funding and investments had disappeared and his businesses had begun going downhill. Within the next few years, he had gone bankrupt.

    Now, her grandfather still had a tiny old car fleet under his name. It was something he had insisted on not giving up.

    The He family had started off from racing and lasted for a few generations. After her grandfather had earned his first pot of gold by racing, he had turned his attention to entertainment and other industries.

    However, everyone knew that investing in racing was like burning money. After her grandfather's funding was all gone, he'd had to downsize his massive, powerful fleet to the smallest team he could afford.

    Even the employees who used to work under her grandfather had jumped ship and joined other companies. Now, they could even trample on her grandfather's head.

    Lin Yan sighed when she thought of all this. Actually, her grandfather had led a tough life. He had insisted on keeping his fleet all these years, so one could only imagine how many hardships he must have endured.

    Actually, her mother's relatives all treated them with hostility. If Lin Yuetong hadn't betrayed them, they wouldn't have been reduced to this state.

    Hence, her mother was quite guilty.

    During the past few years, her grandfather seemed to have let bygones be bygones. He had begun to contact her mother occasionally, yet he had never asked them to go back home for a meal.

    Lin Yan had been slightly influenced by her grandfather when she had first chosen to enter the professional racing arena.

    She remembered that her grandfather had numerous books and informational videos on racing. They filled the entire house, and Lin Yan had read quite a few.

    However, she had kept her career a secret from her mother and grandfather.

    Originally, Lin Yan had planned to win a championship at a major international competition first before bringing the trophy home to her grandfather. She had hoped that he would then forgive her mother.

    Alas... She had gotten into a serious car accident during that competition. Thankfully, she had been blessed by the Gods and avoided dying on the spot. However, her leg injury had not fully recovered yet.

    Lin Yan had been later banned from competing and become an infamous persona. Thus, she had even more reasons not to tell her grandfather.
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