69 She Would Make Sure Her Mother Led a Good Life

    Lin Yan felt conflicted as she sat in a taxi.

    After reaching her destination, she carried the things she had bought at the supermarket earlier for her mother.


    Lin Yan knocked on the door.

    Seconds later, the door swung open and a graceful, gentle woman appeared before her.

    It was evident on the woman's face that time had left its traces on her. Muyun's hands were also wrinkled. However, none of these things could hide the woman's elegance and aura.

    "Why did you buy so many things again? I can't finish them all, they will go to waste!"

    He Muyun took the bags from Lin Yan and frowned.

    Lin Yan was greeted by warm air the moment she stepped in. An ancient-looking fan was blowing noisily.

    "Mom, I didn't spend a lot! Besides, I found a job!" Lin Yan glanced at He Muyun, looking a little sorrowful.

    Her mother had insisted on living in the suburbs, in the outskirts of the city.

    Actually, Lin Yan had earned quite a substantial amount when she had been a racer. However, her mother had always returned the money she had sent to her. Lin Yan had wanted to get her a new house, but her mother had refused to move. She'd said that Lin Yan had worked hard to earn this money and it couldn't have been easy.

    However, Lin Yan knew that the real reason was that her mother couldn't put the past behind her. She was trying to punish herself this way.

    "Even if you found a job, it's still your hard-earned money. I don't need anything. Besides, I have money myself. If you need money, you must let me know. My paintings are valuable." He Muyun eyed Lin Yan as she smiled.

    Before Lin Yan could respond, He Muyun said, "Xiaoyan, take a seat first. I need to pack some stuff before we leave."

    "Okay." Lin Yan nodded obediently.

    As she sat on the couch, her eyes studied the surroundings.

    There were many paintings in good condition on the walls, and hardly any dust could be seen.

    All these paintings were her mother's prized possessions. Her mother could write and draw really well. She excelled in drawing and painting, and her art pieces were all life-like.

    Although her mother claimed that she could sell her paintings and that she had enough money, Lin Yan knew that she had never sold any paintings.

    She saw waste paper and bottles of mineral water and cans near the couch.

    Lin Yan's eyes were stinging as she stole a glance at her mother, feeling upset and aggrieved.

    Her mother's health had been deteriorating during the past few years, so she couldn't hold a job. Wang Jingyang had told her before that he had seen her mother picking trash to sell.

    "Mom, I rented an apartment. Come stay with me! This place is inconveniently far away," Lin Yan told He Muyun.

    He Muyun smiled and shook her head. "Your apartment is so tiny. It can only fit you."

    "It's spacious enough for the both of us!" said Lin Yan anxiously.

    "This place is good and quiet. Plus, I'm already used to it. Just come back to visit me often." He Muyun spoke without looking at her.

    Lin Yan knew her mother too well. No one would be able to change her mind.

    Lin Yan also knew that the real reason her mother refused to move was because she didn't want to trouble her daughter.

    She knew that her mother had been a young mistress from a wealthy family who had led a carefree and privileged life. However, she had been reduced to this state now...

    Lin Yan solemnly swore to herself that she would make sure her mother led a good life! No matter what happened, she would make sure of this!
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