70 Do You Understand?

    "Xiaoyan, let's go. We can't be late. You know that your grandfather doesn't like latecomers," He Muyun told Lin Yan after she was done.

    Lin Yan nodded when she heard He Muyun and stood up. She put her arm around her mother's arm and strode to the door.


    Her mother's place was situated in the outskirts of the city, so they had to commute for almost an hour before they finally reached their destination.

    Lin Yan was caught in a flurry of memories when she saw the house. Her childhood was tightly linked to this house. She had made so many fond memories here.

    Lin Yan still remembered that there had been an old racing car here when she was a child. It had been her grandfather's favorite, most valuable possession. When he had gone bankrupt, he had unfortunately been forced to sell it away.

    Soon, Lin Yan and her mother walked towards the living room.

    "Aunt, you're here." A young boy who was about 20 years old looked at He Muyun.

    "Xiaofeng." He Muyun smiled at him.

    The shy-looking boy was He Lefeng, the only son of Lin Yan's second uncle.

    Her grandfather had four children; three sons and a daughter. Lin Yan's mother was the third child.

    Lin Yan's youngest uncle had passed away two years ago. She had been the closest to him, as he had taught her most of her racing techniques.

    When she had gotten back from abroad, Lin Yan had stayed at her youngest uncle's place. She would never have tolerated Wang Qiaohui and her daughter's bullying if it hadn't been for her uncle.

    Soon, a middle-aged man strolled out of a room. His eyes swept past Lin Yan and He Muyun in silence.

    "Big Brother..." He Muyun greeted him carefully as she glanced at the middle-aged man.

    He was He Xiong, Lin Yan's oldest uncle. As a result of Lin Yuetong's betrayal, he had treated Lin Yan and her mother as enemies. He would mock and ridicule He Muyun every time they met. He Muyun had silently accepted all of it and never once retorted out of guilt.

    "Where is Grandfather?" Lin Yan asked as she glanced at He Lefeng.

    "Sister, Grandfather is inside the room. He's talking to my dad about the fleet." He Lefeng sighed before he answered.

    "Xiaofeng, what's wrong?" Lin Yan, who noticed He Lefeng's expression, asked.

    "Hmm... It's a little..." He Lefeng looked solemn as he nodded. "Sister Yan, recently, things have not been looking good. Our car fleet currently ranks last. If we don't win the next competition, we might have to dissolve it."

    Lin Yan fell deep in thought. A proper car fleet would have a system that tended to be complex and rigid. However, they would still prioritize capability. The competition was fierce, so it was normal to see weaker fleets getting dissolved. Often, a single competition could decide the survival of an entire team.

    As Lin Yan was quietly analyzing the situation, her oldest uncle He Xiong shot an irritated glare at He Lefeng. "Xiaofeng, why are you telling them this? What do they know?"

    He Lefeng awkwardly scratched his head after being berated and clammed up.

    "Big Brother, Xiaoyan is just showing her concern. She doesn't have any ulterior motives." He Muyun hurriedly explained.

    "Concern?" He Xiong sneered coldly. "Who are you to show concern? If it wasn't for your family, would our family have been reduced to such a state? Now, even Father's treasured car fleet is getting dissolved. Both of you are jinxes. How dare you ask about it? What could you do even if we told you? Do you even understand? Would you be able to help?"
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