71 A Man Who Loses Influence May Be Subjected to Indignity

    Lin Yan gazed at her oldest uncle with a deep frown between her eyebrows.

    She wanted to speak, when an elderly man suddenly walked out. He had a head of white hair and a pair of presbyopia glasses. Her second uncle followed him.

    "Father." He Muyun glanced at the old man and greeted him.

    The old man glanced back and nodded.

    He sat down at the dining table as he surveyed everyone. "Sit down for dinner. I have an announcement to make."

    Everyone scuttled to their seats.

    "Father, regarding the car fleet, is there another solution?" He Xiong asked.

    The old man poured a cup of liquor for himself in silence. Lin Yan's second uncle said instead, "Next month, we will be competing against Old Tang's car fleet. If we lose, we will have to dissolve the team. No one will continue to invest in a fleet that always ranks last."

    "Old Tang... Father, wasn't he your right-hand man in the past? Perhaps you could call and talk..." He Xiong interjected.

    "Big Brother, forget it. Old Tang is an ingrate. He has been trying to crush and destroy us all these years. We have been sent off the track several times because of him, and now you want us to talk to him?" He Liang snorted coldly in response. "Not unless we can beat his team."

    "Old Tang's team is quite formidable. He has groomed quite a few talented racers. However, the racers aside, even our cars and engines can't be compared to his team..." He Xiong pondered as he analyzed this.

    Suddenly, someone knocked on the door.

    He Lefeng stood up to open the door.

    "Uncle Tang?" He Lefeng was rather surprised to see the visitor.

    It was a middle-aged man with a black briefcase in his hand and neatly-gelled hair. He walked in with a bright smile. "Old Master, I'm here to visit you!"

    "Tang Zhenying, we are having a family dinner today. I don't recall inviting you." The old man glanced at the middle-aged visitor expressionlessly.

    "Old Master, how could you talk like this? I am not here because I wanted to join you for dinner. Despite everything, I was groomed by you personally. I came here to repay your kindness!" The middle-aged flashed a bright smile.

    "What do you mean?" asked the old man.

    "Ha ha... Old Master, you should know your team better than I do. This is going to be your last competition, and your opponent is my team. As you know, you have zero probability of beating my team. Since your team will be dissolved, why don't you sell it to me? At least you could still earn some money to line your pockets. What do you say?" The middle-aged man smirked slyly.

    "Are you done?" The old man clenched his fists.

    "I am. What do you think?" the middle-aged man replied.

    "Scram," ordered the old man.

    The middle-aged man's expression faltered as the old man finished his sentence. He smirked coldly. "Old Master, don't be so obstinate. I'm willing to acquire your miserable fleet. This is an honor for you. Soon, I won't even want it, even if you beg me on your knees after losing the competition. Your whole family is still holding on to this car fleet for survival, isn't it? I'm sure having three meals a day has been a problem for you. Why are you still hanging on to the fleet?"

    "Are you getting out or not?" He Liang stood up and hurled a glass at the middle-aged man's feet.

    "Ha ha! Alright, alright. I shall leave... Watch me as I crush your pathetic, miserable car fleet with my bare hands. You will leave the racing arena once and for all. See you on the race track in two weeks." The middle-aged man sniggered as he turned around to leave.
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