72 Parting on Bad Terms

    Because of Tang Zhenying's arrival, the atmosphere around the dining table became tense and strained. Everyone looked unhappy.

    Lin Yan's grandfather shut his eyes. His face seemed to have aged another decade in an instant.

    Her second uncle was glum and solemn. "Tang Zhenying is bound to attack us at the next competition. We have to be fully prepared."

    He Lefeng smiled bitterly. "Daddy, we don't even stand a chance in the first place. My navigator left two days ago, and we didn't manage to find a replacement. I don't know if we can even compete..."

    Lin Yan's oldest uncle suddenly slammed his hand on the table forcefully and bellowed, "Look at the plight that our family is in! We used to dominate the racing arena with our top-notch team. Now, we can't even retain a navigator. Any Tom, Dick and Harry could finish us off! Are you satisfied now that your family has destroyed us?"

    He Muyun's body was stiff as she clenched her fingers. She was completely pale.

    He Liang frowned in disapproval. "Stop it, Big Brother. That's enough. This matter has nothing to do with Muyun. It's our fault for not being as capable as the rest."

    A young man sauntered in and chuckled aloud when he heard the man.

    "Second Uncle, you're still defending those jinxes at this crucial juncture? My dad is right! How would the He family have ended up in such a pathetic state if those unscrupulous ingrates hadn't taken off with our fortune?"

    The man looked as if he was a few years older than Lin Yan and He Lefeng. He was First Uncle's son, He Mingkai.

    Lin Yan cast a cold look at He Mingkai as he spoke. "If we are jinxes, then what are you and your father? Good-for-nothings who only finish last every single time?"

    Lin Yuetong was indeed the culprit behind the He family's downfall. But her mother was the real victim. Her oldest uncle, He Xiong, had never said a kind word to his sister, despite the bullying and humiliation she had suffered. His words always carried mockery and criticism.

    He Mingkai exploded when he heard her. "F*ck! Lin Yan, what did you just say? Repeat yourself! How dare you say that I'm a good-for-nothing, you loser! Why didn't you follow your sister, Lin Shuya? Go and look for your assh*le father! Oh right, I almost forgot! Lin Yuetong is such a smart businessman! Why would he want a useless..."

    "That's enough! Everyone keep quiet."

    When the old master lectured them sternly, the argument at the dining table ended instantly.

    Then, the old master stood up and departed in silence. He walked to the study.

    He Mingkai pursed his lips as he glanced at Lin Yan in disdain. "Lass, I suppose you think really highly of yourself. You don't even know what you're talking about! Do you know how much funding is required to sustain a car fleet? How can we compete if we don't have money? Why don't you try it yourself? What do you know about racing? You don't even know how to change a tire! How dare you even open your mouth!"

    Her oldest uncle, He Xiong, coldly sneered. "Mingkai, don't argue with her anymore. She doesn't even understand!"

    For fear of making her mother worry, Lin Yan had never disclosed anything about her career. Only Lin Shuya knew that she had been a racer.

    Lin Yan didn't retort. She remained stoic as she surveyed the two men.

    He Mingkai and He Xiong threw their chopsticks down on the table. Hence, the family parted on bad terms.
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