73 I Can Be Your Navigator

    "Xiaoyan, I'm going to check on your grandfather." He Muyun spoke up, her eyes turning red. She stood up and strode in the direction of the study.

    Soon, her second uncle also left with a sigh. In the end, only Lin Yan and He Lefeng were left.

    Lin Yan beckoned He Lefeng to a corner. "Xiaofeng, I have something to tell you..."

    He Lefeng quickly consoled her. "Sister, don't mind what they said about you earlier..."

    "Don't worry, I'm fine. I want to talk to you about something else. I heard you saying that your navigator left?" Lin Yan interjected.

    In a rally race, every team was composed by a driver and a navigator.

    The navigator was also the 'driver's eyes'. They had to sit in the passenger seat and report on the situation.

    Many people misunderstood the role of a navigator and thought that they only read the news to the driver. They assumed that the role of a navigator was insignificant.

    In fact, an experienced navigator could analyze accurately the track, the corners, the length of a route and its dangers, the speed of the wind, and the moisture level of the road's surface. Thus, the role of the navigator was to inform the racer about the most suitable speed and gear position. That way, the racer could save time analyzing the track and increase their speed.

    Hence, a good navigator was the most powerful 'brain' in a rally race.

    He Lefeng looked embarrassed as he scratched his head. "Yeah, he ran away..."

    When a racer's navigator was gone, they felt as embarrassed as a man whose wife had run away.

    He Lefeng replied helplessly, "I was too useless..."

    "Do you have any suitable candidates?" asked Lin Yan.

    He Lefeng shook his head. "Many navigators aren't professional these days. It's hard to find a good one. Besides, we have fallen out with Tang Zhenying's team. He will definitely deter us..."

    Lin Yan nodded in comprehension. "If you really can't find a suitable navigator, I could be yours."

    He Lefeng was startled. "You?"

    He had assumed that Lin Yan was clueless about racing. It had never crossed his mind that she would suddenly suggest being his navigator.

    He Lefeng smiled and said, "Sister, I know you're trying to help, but you might have some misconceptions about racing. A navigator doesn't read the newspaper to a driver. A navigator needs to analyze information about the race track, the weather, and the condition of the car. His experience should be on par with the driver's. Not just anyone can sit beside the driver..."

    He Lefeng paused and sighed heavily. "Besides, a navigator also needs a professional racing license. You definitely can't enter the competition..."

    Lin Yan didn't explain. She merely replied, "I have the license."

    He Lefeng was surprised. "Why would you have one?"

    Lin Yan expounded. "Actually, Fourth Uncle taught me how to race, but my mom is a worrywart. Hence, I didn't tell anyone that he had been giving me lessons in secret. Unfortunately, I haven't been exposed to racing for a long time, so my license belongs to the most basic category. It's merely enough for me to be a navigator..."

    He Lefeng chuckled. "Wow, I really didn't think you'd be a racer. It's an achievement for a girl to get a professional driving license!"

    Lin Yan replied, "If you really need me, let me know."

    He Lefeng nodded happily. "Okay! Thank you anyway!"

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