74 Start Thinking For Yourself

    After everyone left, Lin Yan took her mother home.

    Initially, her mother had been in high spirits when her grandfather had invited them home for dinner. However, no one had imagined that things would turn out this way. Thus, her mother seemed quiet and despondent on the way home.

    Lin Yan knew very well that her mother had shouldered all the blame and guilt by herself all these years, which had resulted in her declining health.

    If this carried on, she was afraid that her mother's health and mental state would deteriorate even further.

    She had tried many methods to divert her mother's focus, but she had been wallowing too deeply in misery...

    When her mother had divorced her father, the judge had ruled that her mother would be able to get alimony and a house.

    However, First Uncle had often gotten into trouble. One day, in a drunken state, he had offended a wealthy young master and gotten sued. His life would have been over if he had been sent to jail.

    Her mother had given up her alimony as a condition for Lin Yuetong to save her uncle.

    That had included the huge house in the capital city, which Lin Yuetong had been supposed to give her. Her mother had ended up staying in a rundown little place in the suburbs instead.

    After that incident, her First Uncle hadn't shown any gratitude. He had even vented his frustration about being sued on her mother.

    When they reached her mother's place, Lin Yan wound her arm around her mother and comforted her.

    "Mom, ignore what they said. Don't use their mistakes to punish yourself. You've done everything you could. You don't owe me anything, and I'm already all grown-up. I can take care of myself. As for Shuya, she has Father. They are leading a good life. You don't have to worry at all..."

    Lin Yan paused for a moment before she continued trying to persuade her. "Mom, you should really plan and think for yourself. It's just a failed marriage. You're still young. Are you thinking of living your life this way forever?"

    As usual, Lin Yan comforted her mother, even though it often yielded unsatisfactory results.

    Her mother had hidden herself behind guilt. All she wanted was to atone for her 'sin'. She had never put herself first.

    The once pampered and proud young mistress of a wealthy family had been shaped by hardship and reality and turned into a soulless shell.

    "Xiaoyan, don't worry about me. I'm fine. I've gotten used to it after all these years. Those remarks won't bring me down. Besides, your uncle was right... It was my fault..."

    Li Yan sighed. Just as she had expected...

    Lin Yan felt helpless as she listened to her mother. She was about to say something when she spotted a familiar blue-gray car downstairs.

    A middle-aged man wearing a suit exited the car.

    When the man walked past a lamp post, Lin Yan instantly recognized him. "Uncle Xie?"

    "Xiaoyan..." The middle-aged man hastened his pace and greeted her as well. He glanced at He Muyun, looking rather cautious. His voice turned softer as well. "Muyun, you're back..."

    Lin Yan smiled at him. "Uncle Xie, why are you here this late at night?"

    His name was Xie Zheng, and he was the chairman of the Xie Corporation. He was her mother's university classmate, so they were the same age. He took good care of himself, so he didn't look his age. One could tell that he had been a popular school beau when he had been young. Thanks to his wealth and prominent status, he was probably still able to attract hordes of pretty young ladies even at his age.
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