75 A Racer Who Was Clueless About Romance

    Xie Zheng had tried to woo Lin Yan's mother in school years ago, but her mother hadn't really fancied young masters from wealthy families, as she believed that they were indolent and fickle-minded. Instead, she had fallen in love with Lin Yuetong, who came from a poor background.

    Initially, her mother and Lin Yuetong had been happy. However, no one knew that Lin Yuetong had hidden his true colors so well.

    After a period of time, Lin Yuetong's inferiority, selfishness and vanity were revealed, along with his thirst for success. He had begun to despise her mother, who had been born with a silver spoon.

    Soon, her mother had discovered that Lin Yuetong was still deeply in love with his first love. However, his first love had been forced to marry a rich guy, which had resulted in Lin Yuetong's hatred and contempt for rich people.

    To Lin Yuetong, her mother had merely been a tool used to attain success and wealth.

    When her mother had finally realized what was happening, Lin Yuetong had gained the trust of her entire family by using his wit and brilliant acting skills. Then, he had proceeded to scam them and get away with more than half of their businesses...

    After her mother had gotten married, Xie Zheng had become despondent for a period of time. A few years later, he had finally gotten married due to the pressure exerted by his family. However, his marriage had failed not too long afterward due to personality differences.

    Xie Zheng hadn't re-married.

    Upon hearing that her mother had divorced, he had gone to look for them immediately, offering to help her and Lin Yan.

    However, her mother had rejected his offer.

    Xie Zheng had paid her several more visits, always carrying huge bags of stuff. Although her mother had always declined his goodwill, he still persevered with determination.

    Her mother was aware of Xie Zheng's feelings for her. In fact, because she knew, she had deliberately rejected his help. She didn't want to give him any false hope.

    Lin Yan had always felt that she, as a member of the younger generation, shouldn't interfere with the private affairs of the adults. However, she suddenly felt that perhaps she could help bring them together...

    There was an important reason why she hadn't interfered in the past. It was because she hadn't been sure if Xie Zheng had tried to woo her mother on impulse. After years of observation, she now knew that countless young ladies had shown interest in Xie Zheng. However, he remained unmoved. He hadn't gotten married either. He had always been waiting for her mother.

    She recalled bumping into him once early in the morning, when she had come to visit her mother. She had been surprised, as he'd seemed to have waited there overnight. When she had asked him about it, he had told her that theft had been reported in the area. Thinking that it wasn't safe, he had come to watch over her a few days in a row.

    Ever since that incident, Lin Yan had been certain that Xie Zheng really loved her mother.

    However, luck was evidently not on his side tonight.

    Her mother was in low spirits after getting home from her grandfather's place. She definitely wouldn't be in the mood to receive him.

    "Mr. Xie." Indeed, her mother greeted him nonchalantly.

    The anticipation in Xie Zheng's eyes dimmed when he saw how cold and nonchalant her mother was.

    Xie Zheng was known as an impartial, decisive businessman. However, in front of her mother, he was as helpless as a young man and his mood could be affected by the slightest change in her mother's attitude.

    Lin Yan sighed helplessly and suddenly pitied this man.

    Judging by the situation, if this man continued acting in this manner, she reckoned that it would be impossible for him to succeed in winning her mother's heart in this lifetime...

    The harsh truth was that Lin Yan was in no position to help him either. She was like a robot who knew nothing about romance. Her relationship had failed. How could she possibly coach him?
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