76 He Did Nothing

    Even though she didn't know much about dating and love, she had observed how the guys around her had courted other girls during her racing days.

    Hence, Lin Yan contemplated for a fleeting moment before she coughed to break the silence. "Uncle Xie, don't just stand here. Come in and have a seat."

    Xie Zheng's eyes lit up with a glimmer of hope. "Sure..."

    However, He Muyun interrupted him mid-sentence. "It's too late, so it's inconvenient. Perhaps another time."

    This meant that there would be no specific date in sight.

    Xie Zheng, who knew that He Muyun had rejected him, unconsciously nodded obediently. "Okay... Alright..."

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    Why did he agree?

    How could he be so obedient? No wonder that he'd made no progress over the years!

    Lin Yan, who was exasperated, attempted to catch his eye. However, the other party couldn't fathom what she was trying to convey.

    Her mother looked as if she was about to go up, so Lin Yan hastily blurted out, "Oh no! Uncle Xie, I saw you limping earlier on as you walked. You haven't recovered from your injury yet?"

    When her mother heard Lin Yan, she halted. "Mr. Xie, are you injured?"

    Although her mother was distant and cold to Xie Zheng, her manners and education prevented her from being rude to a guest. Thus, naturally, she expressed her concern for her injured guest.

    Lin Yan seized this opportunity and said, "Mom, you didn't know?"

    Indeed, Xie Zheng hadn't told her mother...

    Lin Yan added quickly, "Wasn't there a thief here some time ago? Uncle Xie was worried about your safety and he came here every night to make sure you were safe. Then, he really saw the thief one night and accidentally hurt his leg when he tried to apprehend him. His injury was quite serious..."

    He Muyun knew nothing about this incident. Her eyes were huge with shock, and she looked uneasy.

    Actually, Xie Zheng had twisted his foot slightly. When he heard Lin Yan, he instinctively refuted her claims. "Muyun, no... It was just a minor injury... I've recovered..."

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    She was exhausted. She had tried her best, but he did nothing to help her.

    She gnashed her teeth and rattled on. "Mom, Uncle Xie was afraid that you would be worried for him. That injury was so serious that he couldn't get out of bed for quite some time! Oh yeah, don't you have an ointment for sprains that I used before? It was quite effective! Why don't you help Uncle Xie apply it? He lives alone and doesn't know how to take care of himself. Look, he is still limping now!"

    "This..." He Muyun hesitated but gave in eventually as the man had injured himself because of her. "Come in first. I'll go get the ointment for you. There is still some left."

    Lin Yan was delighted when her mother agreed. She winked at Xie Zheng.

    Xie Zheng, who hadn't expected that He Muyun would allow him to enter the house, stood there like an idiot in a daze. "But... my leg..." he stammered.

    "No! You're injured!" Lin Yan interjected swiftly, immediately stopping him. She shot forward like an arrow and supported him. "Uncle Xie, you can't even stand properly. Follow us inside!"
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