77 He Rendered Her Effort Futile!

    Although she was a girl who knew nothing about love, she had made a lot of effort. However, he didn't even try to cooperate with her!

    As a result of Lin Yan's untiring effort, Xie Zheng finally succeeded in entering the house.

    The house was cramped with He Muyun's belongings, but it was clean and tidy.

    Xie Zheng sat down on a wooden stool as he stared at a painting on the wall. He looked as though he was reminiscing.

    Xie Zheng's eyes then trailed longingly to He Muyun until her mother entered the room to get the ointment. He reluctantly retracted his gaze.

    Lin Yan settled down on a stool next to Xie Zheng. She gulped down a cup of tea and gritted her teeth in exasperation. "Uncle Xie, I found a wonderful excuse for you. Why didn't you cooperate with me?"

    Xie Zheng replied helplessly, "Xiaoyan, I've fully recovered. Your mother will discover that I've lied to her if she checks my leg. Wouldn't your mother dislike me even more then? Besides, I don't want to lie to her. I should tell her the truth..."

    Lin Yan rolled her eyes. "Alright then, I shall help you until the end..."

    Without waiting for Xie Zheng to finish his sentence, she jabbed him hard in the leg.

    "Ouch!" Xie Zheng shrieked in pain.

    Lin Yan said, "You're injured now."

    He Muyun rushed down the stairs. "What happened?"

    Lin Yan remained stoic. "Uncle Xie's leg is hurting."

    After dealing with Pei Yucheng, nothing could affect her acting skills.

    Xie Zheng was speechless...

    He Muyun strode quickly towards him. She instantly caught a glimpse of the bruise on Xie Zheng's ankle.

    "This practitioner is really experienced, and his ointments are good. Try it." He Muyun passed him the bottle.

    Xie Zheng looked overwhelmed as he cupped the bottle as though it was a precious gem. "Thank you..."

    Lin Yan heaved a sigh of relief before stealing a glance at her phone. Then, she said quickly, "Mom, I have to be up early tomorrow morning. I have to go now. When Uncle Xie is done, help him down the stairs!"

    To prevent her mother from rejecting the idea, Lin Yan sprinted away in the blink of an eye.

    Hopefully, Xie Zheng would be able to seize this opportunity and have a good conversation with her mother that would help their feelings evolve.

    Lin Yan glanced upstairs, feeling proud of her effort.

    She was about to leave the house.

    However, a short while later, a beam of light shone on her from behind.

    Lin Yan turned around instinctively and saw... Xie Zheng's car.

    What was going on?

    He had just gone up. Why was he out so soon?

    Xie Zheng rolled down his window and called out to her. "Xiaoyan! Get in, I'll take you home."

    Lin Yan hastily asked, "Uncle Xie, why did you leave so quickly? Did my mom... chase you away?"

    Xie Zheng looked awkward. "She didn't. I was afraid that she would feel uneasy being alone with me."

    Lin Yan was speechless...

    She was really speechless...

    She opened the door and got in the car.

    Xie Zheng broke the silence after some time. "Xiaoyan, thank you..."

    Lin Yan was still feeling grumpy. "Why are you thanking me?"

    Xie Zheng replied, "Thank you for..."

    "Jabbing you?" Lin Yan suggested.

    Xie Zheng coughed...

    Lin Yan was thoroughly drained of energy. Xie Zheng had rendered her effort futile!
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