79 Angels Shelter

    After she received the three virtual red packets, Lin Yan's mood improved.

    However, her good mood didn't last too long.

    Her manager, Zhao Hongling, sent her an interview of Lin Shuya and Lin Yuetong.

    The interview was held at Lin Yuetong's mansion.

    Lin Shuya was wearing a regal-looking white gown as she sat before the desk during the interview.

    Her father, Lin Yuetong, gazed affectionately at her from a corner.

    The reporter asked, "Miss Shuya, you're Triumph Entertainment's most popular actress. You're also recognized as the entertainment industry's angel. You must have undergone a good deal of hardship during all this time."

    Lin Shuya replied, "It was indeed tough during the process. However, I have amassed more positivity to help those in need as well."

    Lin Yan's mouth twitched when she heard her.

    She had gone through hardships?

    She had willingly exchanged places with Lin Shuya so that she could lead a better life with their father.

    During the toughest period of their life, she and her mother had never let her suffer at all. Later, Han Yixuan, Lin Yuetong and many other admirers had protected her.

    Her life had been smooth-sailing all along. What hardships was she talking about?

    The reporter asked, "Oh right. Shuya, I heard that you have a sister."

    Lin Yuetong had blocked the news, so it had not spread that Lin Yan was his daughter. He despised her, and naturally, Lin Yan wouldn't volunteer to reveal this information to others either.

    Thus, the reporters only knew that Lin Yuetong had another daughter. They had no idea that it was Lin Yan.

    Lin Shuya's face darkened, and she appeared awkward. "Yeah. My sister dropped out of school and chose to loiter abroad instead of coming home. When my mother fell ill, she didn't even visit her. The minute she came back, she asked us for money..."

    Although Lin Yan was used to Lin Shuya distorting the truth, she couldn't help but marvel at her ability once again.

    When her mother had fallen ill, she had withdrawn from a major competition and rushed back home to take care of her. On the other hand, Lin Shuya had chosen to go on vacation with her classmates.

    Lin Shuya was the one who had kept asking for money. She had splurged constantly by using her education as an excuse. She still had the cheek to tell Lin Yuetong that she had been working part-time and saving all her money...

    "Oh dear! Your sister sounds awful! She is too much!"

    All the reporters were livid when they heard Lin Shuya and felt indignant on her behalf.

    One of the reporters asked, "I heard that you are the founder of the biggest animal shelter in the city. Is that right?"

    Lin Shuya smiled humbly. "Yeah, I love little animals."

    "Wow. Miss Shuya even founded an animal shelter?" one of the reporters exclaimed.

    Lin Yuetong interjected proudly, "Indeed, Shuya has mentioned this before. She was the one who started Angel's Shelter."

    Everyone was surprised by this piece of news. Angel's Shelter was a famous and influential foundation. However, the founder was very low-profile and never gave any interviews.

    To think that this mysterious founder was Lin Shuya!

    Lin Yan was amused and upset at the same time.

    It had taken her years to start Angel's Shelter. How had it become Lin Shuya's work?

    Lin Shuya hated small animals. Every time she had asked Shuya for help, she had asked for bags or clothes in exchange.

    Now, she had stolen all her hard work and taken credit to solidify her positive and kind image.

    Lin Yan stopped watching the interview and sent Zhao Hongling a message.

    'Misty City Amid The Setting Sun' typed, 'I finished watching it. Why did you send this to me?'

    Zhao Hongling replied, 'I want you to learn from her. This is how you should create a positive image.'

    'Misty City Amid The Setting Sun' replied, 'Are you sure you are not trying to provoke me?'

    Zhao Hongling replied, 'You've changed your picture and name. Good. You're rarely so obedient.'

    'Misty City Amid The Setting Sun' replied, '...'

    She had no idea how Zhao Hongling would react if she knew the real reason she had changed her picture...
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